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New Cycle and Chemo

I haven’t worked out much for the last two months because I was so damn tired all the time and had insane headaches now I know why. I recently got an MRI and my oncologist told me the next day that my brain tumor which had been sitting still for the last three and a half years, started growing again and is now getting into stage 4, the last and worst stage of cancer. I started chemotherapy two days ago with Temodal 100 mg/day for 30 days to start. This time however I’ll do things differently, I won’t stop juicing like I did the first time because all it did was leave me weak, tired and pathetic for 2 years! Until I started juicing again lol Now I’m gonna try to keep strength and somewhat of a normal life with the steroids .

I am not saying this so people reading this with cancer do the same thing I am! This is my choice and personal experience. The doctors told me their usual bullshit, don’t do steroids bla bla bla but once I told them I wasn’t going to stop they finally told me there shouldn’t be any major interactions with the roids and chemo. Told em thanx, that’s all I wanted to know. During all this I will be seeing my oncologist every month and will have bloodtests done everytime before I see her.

My friend got me this great underground mix of 100mg test prop, 100mg tren ace and 100mg masteron prop all this goodness in one cc! I also bought some extra bottles of test prop and tren ace because as great as the tri-blend is, I took some masteron in the past and I can’t take more than 400mg a week because it makes my muscles so tight it feels like they’re always going to tear when I go heavy. So with the extra bottles I can adjust and take more test prop like I want for example without taking too much masteron. I’m 38, 6’ tall 270lbs right now, been working out for over 23 years, tried many different steroids over the years and I’m probably gonna take more or less I will adjust the dosages as I go and feel with 600mg prop, 500mg tren ace and 400mg masteron prop, shooting every 2 days switching between, glutes, quads, shoulders, right and and left sides…

Oh and since I have nothing to loose, I’m also trying some pseudoscience! lol I got myself some 'miracle cannabis oil` like the one Rick Simpson made famous on youtube and I also bought a new good juicer and will make myself some healthy supposedly anti-cancer juice and cross my fingers…

Why am I doing this? Because the first time I did radiotherapy and chemo I was dead tired for two years, meaning I had almost no life at all, for two years I barely did anything else but sit on my ass gain, weight, play video games and watch movies because I was so damn tired all the time. That all changed one day however when I told myself **** it, I don’t care if it kills me, I’m going back to the gym, I took some tren E. and test E I had leftover and bam! two weeks later I was back in the gym and flat benched 3 plates on my first day after two years off! So this time, I don’t care again if it kills me, I’m not stopping juicing, I’m gonna try to keep as much as I can of a normal life. I will try to keep updates, photos and videos as much as I can.

This is my latest video, in this one I’m showing all the flat bench press sets I did (except the warm up) and then only one of each exercise afterwards so you can see exactly what I do. On the last exercise I like to really crush and bang the handles together, since I started doing that my chest has grown a little and I always get a massive pump! Yes I know I’m benching all crooked if you went through all the shit I have in my life, so would you! (I also have Crohn’s disease since I’m 15 years old and had 7 surgeries so far for it)

good luck with the treatments big guy

Wow man you look a leaner! Good job

I’m sorry to hear your cancer came back

Thanx for the good vibes guys I’m going to need them!

A friend of mine who was 19 had a brain tumor too and tried cannabis oil (as well she was just a plain stoner too lol) and she managed to cure it thankfully so wishing you the best of luck bro! Recover and come back ripped as fuck too :wink: lol

Good luck.
How do you think the steroids have affected your Crohn’s disease over the years?

Best of luck mate, good to see nothings keeping you away from doing what you love.

They really helped me alot, especially tren E. for some reason…Its almost as if I’m cured from Crohn since I started juicing more regularly. I dont take alot but more often. And I’m not the only one either.

It’s not just that I love working out, being big and strong but the two years I was completely off it was as if I was living in a cave, I didn’t see many people and it was fine the first year but at the end of the second year I was missing it a lot. I’ve been working out at that gym since I’m 15 years old, I know many guys there and many know me. It felt so damn good when I started working out again, talking and seeing all the guys. It’s wasn’t just good for my physical health but my mental health as well.

your a big dude but if you tighten up your bench form a bit you’ll crush much more weight and you’ll work your chest more. your legs are loose, your back is loose, bar is too far up your chest…etc

congrats on your success thus far and godspeed on your journey!