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New Cycle After a Year Off Juice

hi Guys,

Been a long time since ive posted here. Im looking for some good constructive advise. Please no flaming.

Anyway, i have been off all supplements, anabolics etc for about a year now. My last cycle was in Sep 2011. Ive been too busy to train, eat property or cycle. As a result, ive lost the bulk of my gains from my previous cycles and gained fat especially on the love handles, ive also had alot of post cycle issues with high red blood cell count, elevated liver enzymes and lower testosterone.

My test has recovered to its baseline. I need to check if my liver enzymes are normal as i feel they were elevated due to the high red blood cell count. Ive taken 500ml of blood out so it should normalize things and do feel better. My questions are:

  1. has anyone been off training and juice for a year or longer and was able to get back everything fairly quickly?

  2. Im considering a cycle of test e, deca and maybe dbol (or dropping dbol and just doing deca and test)…my goal is to lean up and gain muscalar size quickly with the least side effects. Anavar sucked …gave me lots of sides.

  3. Im demotivated to train because i look like shit…how do i get around this?

  4. My ferritin levels were up and my Vit D levels down post cycle…has anyone had a similar experience? RBC (red blood cells) are you usually elevated from steroids so i expected that but not my ferritin or vit D.

  5. I often see guys with popping super cut abs with extensive ab seperation…what they heck do these guys use? Yes Diet is one thing but im sure theres some anabolic to help achieve that? Dont tell me HGH …ive tried it …got lean but not to that level…also have a slight ab bloat from the HGH use, so im going to avoid it for now.

anyway, please help me with my mission to get back into things. Please constructive comments and advice would be appreciated.

and Howdi to all the guys that ive chatted to in the past on here.

Too Cybercomb8.Welcome back to the fold.I can relate,i was off for years after getting hurt at work.2 back surgeries and a 10 year depression.I am a former competitor in the late 1978 to 1983.One thing we possess is muscle memory.We have prior success to grow upon.I an this is only a suggestion,maybe a period of natural training,say 3-montgh’s to get back in the groove.

When we start baxck on the juice,it’s nice to be solidly back in dedicated training,diet and rest.This way the pre-juice foundation will be reestablished and your ability to train hard and intense will have returned.best of luck john

Should’ve stopped reading after “demotivated to train because I look like shit…how do I fix this?”

Did stop reading after “What should I take to get teh abz”.

If you can’t even figure this out, steroids aren’t going to help you.

Forget about the juice. Go to the gym 4 days a week, eat well and shut the fuck up.