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New Cycle After a Long Lasting One...

Hi all man…
last year i have started a cycle on Feb and stopped it in August. The cycle was initially based on a blend of tren ace and T prop, then i have added a T prop only cruising cycle (15week the first 10 the second)

Now i’m very happy of the results and of the gain i have mantained.
I’m feeling “recovered” and i’m quite impatient to start a new cycle.
I have 2 option by now:
T+Tren+Masteron 10weeks
Winny+Tbol 5weeks

I dont know where to start :smiley:
I try to explain…
my target is to drop around 20lbs of fat in the next 6month. By now i’m losing it with training and diet.
As everyone here i think i just want to save more LBM and do a “better” job.
Now the question… should i start with he 1st or the 2nd cycle?

If needed i can drop some number about me or the cycles… but basiccally i just want to know if it is better to but the heavier first or not.

I’m 172cm, 100kg at arounf 14%, i can do 160kg DL for 10reps, 140kg BP for 10reps… just to give some basic info

Wow, you are a big boy there at 172cm! I think you could probably successfully drop some weight naturally, probably down to about 95kilos or so. From there I would personally do two seperate cycles, with time off in between. I would cycle once using just testosterone (~500mg/week) to get down to a low bodyfat say 8%. I would take time off and try and maintain that bodyweight for a while. From there I would do another cycle of the T/Tr/M at whatever dose you see fit and drop to whatever desired body fat from there.

EDIT: I just assumed you are a bodybuilder, if that is not the case, I think one cycle of T/M, T/Tr, or T/M/Tr is more than enough.

Hi Detroit,
thank you to find the time to answer me.
By “now” i’m not a bodybuilder, i mean i dont bother about competing.
As you say i think i can drop to 95, usually every year i but on some good mass and lose a bit of fat.
By now i have a very stubborn fat concentration on my abs, so i think i would like to give a big “shock” to my body using some drugs. My previous cycle teach me the strenght of tren. At a low weekly dose of 200 give me very nice fat burning effects. So i would like to use it again.

But i have but my hands on some winny and dont know if it is better to do first the more strong cycle than complete the job with winny or vice versa.

My biggest problem is my hate versus cardio :\ i just can’t force me to do it for enough time (i see my strenght decrease and i’m feel like shit…)

I’m completing my doggcrapp cycle and in the next 15gg i’ll start with a fullbody kinds of workout based on complex to help me dropping fat

Hmmm, well if you just want to use for the sake of using, I would do a winstrol + test or dbol first, then do the tren cycle later in the year. I personally hate winstrol though, and would never use it again.

why you hate winny?