New Cycle After a Long Break

Hi guys,

I’m starting a recomp cycle after a break of 2 years since the last one.

Previously 3 cycles, all with good results, but in the last 2 years I’ve lost most of the gainz (work, family, stress, less workout, casual eating).

Previuos cycle

  1. Test E 750mg/w, 12w
  2. Test E 500mg/w + Bold 600mg/w + Epistane kickstart 40mg/w, 16w
  3. Test E 750mg/w + Bold 600mg/w, 16w

All of them with Adex 0,5 EOD, HGH 500mg/w, Nolva + Clomid on PCT (plus ancillaries).

I’m 40 yo, 202lbs, 5’11, 15% bf. Actually just finished 2 months on strenght-mass workout at 3600 Kcal/day.

Will start carb cycling, first 4 weeks on manteinance, then approx 400 Kcal under manteinance for cut/recomp.

The bad news is about stress and night sleep: very hard period at work, and sleep not more then 6 hours at night (often even 5). No chance to change things for the entire year.

I will do

  • Test E 750mg/w x 14w
  • Test Prop 100mg EOD w 1-2 and w 15-16
  • Bold 600mg/w x 12w
  • Tern Ace 50mg EOD w 7-16
  • HGH 250mg x2/w w 5-16
  • Adex 0,5mg EOD
  • ancillaries

-Clomid 100mg/w 17-18 and then 50mg/w 19-20

  • Nolva 40mg/w 17-18 and then 20mg/w 19-20
  • DAA, HMB, Creatine.

Any thoughts? Do you agree with the Tren ACE or you suggest to leave it?

Thank you guys.

Are you sure you mean HGH and not HCG?

Sorry mate you r right, HCG.
And apologize for my bad english

I’m not sure about the addition of Tren considering you’re going to be sleep deprived as it is. I’m a huge fan of sleep and don’t think I would be able to recover properly on 5-6 hours alone; throw in the imfamous Tren night sweats and I would probably go crazy after a few weeks.

Do u suggest use Primo (100mg EOD - 400mg/w) instead of Tren, for 10 weeks?

For what purpose? First principles, my friend. Of each particular thing, ask what is it in itself? To what end is the primo (or tren for that matter) going to bring you to that something else—or nothing else—could not?

You have a complicated cycle with three different esters of wildly divergent lives. You have the longest estered compound being run too briefly, you have sleep issues but included tren, and you have a metric tonne of testosterone the first part of the cycle. You’re all over the road here. You need a more focused plan.

Why too briefly?
Test E and Bold lasts 16 weeks… 14 Test (plus 2 for the half life) and 12 Bold (plus 4 for the half life).
I Think 16 weeks is a reasonable time for Test-Bold.
Adding Prop for a kickstart and for a smooth transition at the end.
Just wanna add something to compensate the poor sleeping time (can’t change it) and not use all the cycle only for anticatabolic purpouses.

Adding more drugs to compensate lack of sleep is probably one of the worse ideas you will come up with.

Don’t use tren as others have said. It will amplify everything in your life. So if your already stressed your going to turn into a mess.

Your goal is a recomp unfortunately that’s not an easy task. And with your work, stress, and lack of sleep its going to be near impossible to do successfully.

My suggestion would be to focus on cutting or bulking. And leave the recomp and recomp drugs for a time when you are in a better place to use them effectively.

12=12, not 16. The half life will take it out to 16, yes, but you aren’t the first person to discover this. Yet anecdote after anecdote tells us that optimal use is above 12 weeks.

If all you wanted was baseline anticatabolism then you could have stopped at testosterone, run somewhere above a trt dose. This is a mass cycle, plain and simple. Right?

If I will try to cut without gears in this period I think I lost all my gainz.

And I need to be in really good shape for the end of july (for work)

I’m not saying not to use gear.

Altho the whole losing muscle while cutting is kinda bullshit. Unless your holding way more muscle then genetically possible but that’s a whole different topic.

Im not against using gear for cutting. Test and mast are supposedly great together for holding muscle while cutting. Take that route if your gonna cut or if your gonna bulk run the test and bold.

But a recomp is probably not the best idea for you right now.

Thank you.

Why do u think Bold isnt useful for cutting?
On me, it didn’t made me noticeable hungrer, but vascularization and stamina were at top when I used it.

I didn’t say that.

I honestly don’t know much about EQ. I personally don’t have intentions of using it anytime soon so I haven’t done much research besides what is common knowledge.

If it’s worked for you in the past then no need to change it up.

I find it’s a very useful compound, zero to minimal sides, great stamina, vascularization, and keepable gains.

If you don’t get huge appetite from it then it’s very useful for cutting. But for those who do get that effect I imagine it would make things significantly tougher. I think that’s why it has that reputation. But I’m just speculating.

Here’s the simple truth that everyone seems to forget:
Anabolics do not burn fat. They build muscle.

Or keep it when you cut

If only there was another substance, one completely legal, in all corners of the world, readily available that did the exact same thing without all the risks. Oh yeah, there is, it’s called protein.

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Either ditch the bold or use it all 16wks. Add mast last 10 weeks imo

Adding Mast like 400mg/w?

even on 15% bf?