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New Cycle, Advise.


Hi guys, PCT for my last cycle went great, i actually started making strength gains 3 weeks into Tamoxifen PCT!?

So i'm planning my next cycle for after the summer. I want to run EQ basically because i havent run it before (test/mast/tren has been my favoutite cycle) and i dont feel ready for Deca yet. I want LEAN mass gains and to drop a few % BF.

I normally just get to bulk for only about 3 months every year beacuse of Gaelic Football commitments and usually loose a bit of muscle during this time. But i'm taking a year out or this to focus on the gym.

So i was thinking maybe this:

W1-12 Test E 750mg/week
W1-12 EQ 600mg/week

Stasis taper pct (with tamoxifen).

If its going well could well would it be foolish to run it for 16 weeks?

Also i would like to add another compound, maybe anavar or tbol, would one of those be suitable? Never used either before.

I also wish to try out proviron for its sexual benefits, i can get it cheap so i might throw it in at 50mg ED.

Anybody got any imput, ideas or suggestions? Would love to hear them!


G.I. Joe


well if you want lean mass gains and drop a few %bf why not just repeat your favorite cycle? Hard to argue against those 3 compounds for your stated goal. I don't think it'd be foolish to run 16 weeks as you seem to understand how to come off. You also wanted to try var or tbol. But like with the EQ I wonder if you just wanna try stuff for curiosity sake. Thats maybe not the best reason. Effectiveness should be IMO. Besides the more compounds you add the harder it is to single out what anyone is doing individually. As for proviron it works nicely and if you can get it cheap there's virtually no downside. But again if you use your favorite cycle you might not need it because of the mast. Although mast plus proviron is :wink:


Thanks for the reply saps!

Yeah curiousity has a lot to do with it! And finding out which compounds i like best. Ive read EQ is a good substitute for Deca. I'd love to give it a go. Is it best to use it for a mass bulding cycle? I also would love to see its effect on my cardio (just casual games of soccer). Less pinning too is a plus!

Would you recommend changing my goals a bit if i wanted to run the EQ, i.e. more mass and forget the drop in BF goal? Or cut for a few weeks after the mass building?

I am one however for taking advise from you guys so i'll look into pricing both cycles, i think the EQ will be cheaper for me though.


No one can tell you your own goals. Pick your own goals and then match the compounds to your goals. Dont match your goals to certain compounds


Thanks Saps, good advise.

If i am going doing Test/Mast/Tren i will use long esters this time.

I ran Tp/Dp/Ta at 70/50/40ED before in a 2 on 2 off cycle. I also ran tren ace at 350mg/week for 4 weeks in a TP cycle, with minimal tren sides.

So to see if i can afford this cycle i will need to get advise on dosages, most of the threads here are for short esters, i hear Tren E is harsher than ace.

How does this sound:

W1-16 Test E 750mg/week
W1-16 Mast E 400mg/week
W1-16 Tren E 400mg/week


Tren e is not harsher than tren a. Because acetate clears out within a couple days if you do get sides you cannot deal with you stop and in 2-3 days you are fine. Enanthate would take a week just to mostly clear out so the back to normal timeframe is greater but tren is tren. The during is the same its the after which differs based on ester.

Having said that what myself and countless others have discovered is running lower test doses enables you to ramp up tren and barely notice the sides.

When I used to PL I would routinely hover around the 240's in terms of bodyweight. BF% was probably mid teens so basically I was 200lbs lean and 40lbs fat less say. Waist was 38". In the last 6 months I decided to move away from PL and return to a more BB focus. My weight is now around 220 but my BF% is around 10%.

So basically 200lb lean and 20lb fat. Waist is now 34". The interesting part is in some cases Im just as strong at 220 as I was at 240 even if I carry approximately the same lean muscle. Im pound for pound stronger than before.

Like your proposal I used to run high test and medium tren [1G test and 400mg tren]. I got gorilla strong off train and my training approach but God in Heaven were the sides rough. Sweating, de-hydration, elevated BP, no cardio ability you name it I got it. Then I was introduced to the concept of low dose test and high dose tren [several purported the idea but I will acknowledge BBB for credit's sake].

Through a combination of diet, training and compound selection I reached the point I previously spoke of where at 220 I was as strong as 240+. My specific compounds were dosed as follows: Test 200-250mg/wk, Mast 600mg wk, Tren 600mg wk, I always take 40mg of dbol before training as well.

With this lower test dose I was able to run 50% more tren than before and the sides were substantially less than ever. In the past 400mg of tren put my BP at 150/95 or there about. Thats with the 1G of test a week of course. With just 200-250mg of test even with the 600mg of tren a week [and the mast though I dont think mast elevates BP or at least it does not have that reputation] my BP was/is 110/75.

I get very little night sweating with this protocol. My windedness going up a flight of stairs in minimal. To give a percentage I'd say my "tren sides" were/are 85% less noticeable/bothersome on this low test protocol versus high test...and Im using 50% more tren.
So again if lean muscle is the goal I cannot recommend a better trifecta than your [and probably my] favorite.

I strongly urge you to consider the low test especially if you are adversely effected by the tren with higher test doses. Some guys can run high test and high tren but they a few and far between.


Excellent reply saps as usual. I've been thnkng though..

By raising the Tren by 200mg/week you lowered the test by 650mg. On paper to me ths seems like you would make less gains from this. Am i wrong? Is that extra 50% tren better than the test your sacrificing?


Yes. I actually lowered test by 750-800mg from 1G to 200-250mg/wk but dont forget I had 600mg of mast in there hence the approximate same volume of total aas. Its not that 50% more tren was better per se but actually dropping the test seemed to make the tren more usable, less harsh. I was bigger on the higher test doses yes but lean strength and minimal sides are more desired by me so the low dose test and higher mast and tren is preferred by me for my objectives