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New Cycle - Advise Please

Hi guys, i’m planning a new cycle for the start of March.

As i have limited tren ace and mast prop, and right now cant afford more, i have drawn up this 8 week cycle which consists of two back to back 4 week cycles.

My goal is lean mass, strength and i wouldn’t complain about dropping bodyfat.

I plan on about 300g protien split between 6 meals and 100g low gi carbs for breakfast and 100g post training.

W1-4 Test Prop 700mg/week
W1-4 Dbol 50mg ED

W5-8 Test Prop 210mg/week
W5-8 Tren Ace 490mg/week
W5-8 Mast Prop 490mg/week

W1-8 Adex 0.5mg ED maybe

I have 5 amps of Omna test blend, i read in an old thread that brook often frontloads a 4 week Test Prop cycle with Test E. Would there be much of a benifit of doing this or frontloading with Test Prop?

What worries me about the dbol is the bloat, would adex be sufficent to stop this? Or should i just leave it for 20mg an hour before workouts?

I have a little winny left over would i benefit from running it for W7-8 at 50mg ED?

I plan on shooting the Props EOD in glutes and VG,
And tren ace ED in quads and shoulders, but also mixed with prop on those days.

Standard Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20
Hcg 500mg 2x/week
Cialias on hand for pct

I have recently started running Selegiline 2.5mg ED, i plan on continuing this for a couple months at least, would this stop the need for running Caber alond with the tren Ace? i have both!

And finally i have aquired some albuteral, i might give this a try at some point, maybe 4mg taken 3 times per day for 2 weeks on, 2 off.