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New Cycle Advice


Any advice on this stack:

Dbol 30mg/d Week 1-6
Test Prop 50mg/EOD Week 1-12
Tren 75mg/EOD Week 1-12
Winny(oral) 25mg/d Week 6-12

Maybe throw in some Test Suspension throughout the cycle as well. I'm going to try some spot injections, see if there is really any merit to it all.

My goals are solid muscle, definition, and strength. I've done a few cycles in the past, but mostly just for mass.

I know that doing 2 orals back-to-back is going to be tough on the liver, but I can get the Winstrol so cheap.

If anyone has tried something similar, or can offer any help, or variations to this, or the Mg would help lots.



I'd leave out the dbol and save it for another cycle. The test, tren, and winny should led you in the direction of your goals.


After reading a great thread hosted my MikeKatz, I have decided to do a 4-5 week cycle, and turn up the heat a bit.

Dbol 30mg/day
Test prop 500mg/w
Tren 375mg/w

4 weeks off, then another one. I'll switch the Dbol with Winstrol though.

Yeah. For now I like the sounds of that.