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New Creatine, Con-Cret?


Just got a sample of this stuff and seems to be alright... only 1/4 tsp. per 100 lbs of body wieght... no loading and is extremely potent... any one else out there tried this yet ? thoughts/ opinions on it ?


It is going to do the same stuff that any other creatine does.


It's FAR better at reducing that unsightly cash from your wallet. Their plan is to send you a 60gm bottle every month... for $71 per bottle!!! Ouch!

I'd stick with a scoop of Biotest's creatine mixed with a scoop of Surge (the Surge would be free with the money you saved). NO brainer.


QFT. Creatine is creatine no matter what way you package, color, buffer, or mix it.


Sorry, but whats QFT?


"Quoted For Truth" or "quite fucking true".


Even MORE potent then pure creatine!