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New Could Use Advice


I'm 16 year's old and im about 5'6 and weigh between 130-133 I just got a membership and wanted to no if anyone could give any advice on a good routine and any diet ideas.


At 16 you don't need to diet. It would probably be an undue strain on your family who presumably provides for you to insist on eating clean all the time anyway. You know, unless that's their thing...

Read John Berardi's 7 Habits


As for training, if you are new to training, and even if you aren't this is a good place to start, Eric Cressey's Smart from the Start:


Finally, read Vroom's beginner thread:

version 2

Finally, heres a place to reference the acronyms used on T-nation frequently


As an aside, and entirely from my own personal preference, I like Chad Waterbury's programs. I suggest you read everything he's written. He's a real sharp cookie...


Oh, and you can find all the articles published on this here site by clicking on that blue box somewhere to the left of this where it says "Article Library" they're arranged topically or by author.

Now get going.