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New Cool Backpack Choices

For some reason, I really like buying cool bags. I’m updating my backpack, which I use every single day for both work and play. I don’t mind spending on one if I really like it and it’s well built. I couldn’t decide, so I ordered two to compare. Here they are:

On the left is a Ruitertassen. It’s nubuck, and made by a Belgian company that makes really cool stuff. On the right is a vintage leather backpack from Marlondo, a company in Utah that makes high quality leather. Both are similarly priced, and both are really cool. They look like this on:

After much thought, I think I will reluctantly send back the Marlondo and keep the Ruitertassen. The Marlondo is very cool, all leather, brass buckles, and will only get better with age. But the Ruitertassen is just exactly my style, lighter, more functional, and also great quality. Any thoughts? (I’m not sure why I posted this, other than that I’ve spent too much time thinking about backpacks and needed to share).

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I like the first one in general. The second one seems much more business like than anything I’ve ever seen in the woods or trails.

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Which did you keep? I love backpacks too and periodically update my day pack.

My first thought was about precipitation - do you get much? If so, how will it affect the Nubuck? Both look really nice, but I like the features of the Ruitertassen - two closure straps, larger secondary pocket.

I don’t know how I missed this thread until now. Hmmmm :thinking:
I like the looks of the leather one, almost steampunkish, but it does look too wide/big.
I can see why you chose the other one.

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I ended up keeping the Ruitertassen. Really liking it. I sent the other one back, and the company was very cool to work with on the return.

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