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New Constitution Preamble



Good job public schools......and I wonder why this country is in the shitter.

Can we change the direction we are heading?


Related, but different direction


Watch the idiot in the video talk about his "noodle" job. How about this you fucking worthless shit, work your way up, do good work, learn more skills, be more productive, come up with your own business, etc. Do any of these if you want to fix your situation. YOU WORK FOR THEM, THEY ARE YOUR BOSS. AS LONG AS IT IS REASONABLE, THEY GET TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.

No way this country lasts. As a whole we have lost the drive to better ourselves.


I saw this story too. I can not believe the teachers are actually teaching this junk. This is a prime example of why parents need to be involved in every aspect of thier children's education.


This is crazy. I can not believe this is what America has come to.


You raise an excellent point SUPER-T. The only way garbage like this stays out of the public school system is if parents are involved. Trusting teachers, and school boards to do the right thing is like trusting the a fox to watch the hen house. Teachers unions have already proclaimed by their actions that their most important priority is money, not the children.


This just plain pisses me off. How in the hell can teachers teach a "version" of the Constitution. Last time I checked, the only 2 ways to change the constitution is either by being proposed to the states after at least a 3/4 vote in both Houses and then ratified by at least 3/4 of the states. Or, through an Article V constitutional Convention.


so they can defund NPR for ideological stance, they can ask churches to pay taxes for teaching principles of the religion that may influence politics.

Can we ask to defund the public school systems because they show partisan bias?


I do not know if i got the whole story or not , but what i got they did not specify which schools teach this


I think Churches are becoming to the Dems. what Unions are to the Reps.


That is not partisan. That is right out changing history. I will agree that the extreme left is probaly behind it, but it is mainly the socialist bunch.


This shit is ridiculous. It doesn't matter how you wish the world operates, if you are a teacher it is your job to explain to children hows it ACTUALLY operates. I wonder how many children now think this is part of the US Constitution?

The same rage I feel at this is directed at the cretins of the Texas School Board who tried to write Jefferson out of the history lessons because he coined the term 'separation of Church and state.'

Both the Left and the Right will scramble for any leg up in this ridiculous war of ideological fantasies. Conservatism and Liberalism must always take a back seat to realism. If people spent less time listening to partisan vitriol and more time understanding reality, this country would be far more centrist and reasonable than it is now. The nutjobs on either side of the political spectrum don't cancel each other out, they just combine to make one suffocating mass of bullshit.


That clip was sickening, as a Union member I am ashamed.


What's this Constitution you guys speak of? Is it something that our founding fathers made and we should follow? That would be a good idea.


revisitionism is bad and it makes me sick when its people on my side of the political spectrum who
do it. They make people like me look bad, fuck them.


Where the hell did they come up with those arbitrary side notes!?!? The R7, R5, R6 thing? I have read the Constitution many times. I have a copy of the original in my office at home. I made my oldest son not only memorize the Preamble but most of the Sections from Article I (the beginnings of each paragraph), the first sections from Article II and III respectively and who the signed witnesses were from our state of North Carolina (William Blount, Richard Dobbs, and Hugh Williamson for history buffs out there) for extra credit in his Social Studies class.

Now after seeing this, I am led to believe that he perhaps knew more than his teacher. This was all done by our own accord, because I love American History and when I found out they were doing the Constitution and the Constitutional Convention, I geeked out and started overloading him with information. She gave him the extra credit, but I bet I could have fed him erroneous information and she probably would have counted it as accurate.