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New Conditioning/ Weightlifting Program

im looking for a new conditioning/ weight lifting program.

general info: after a little over a year I’ve finally been given the clear to start working out the way i was before i tore my left meniscus in my knee. i’ve been working out before the full all clear with little conditioning. at this point my conditioning is so bad i think anything really will work. i’m trying to lean out (6’2 220 rn down from 260) if you guys have any program recommendations it would be appreciated.

Did you see CT’s thread about his current program?
I have been doing it for 7 weeks with great results. He was clear that he wrote it for himself only, but it looked really fun so I tried it.
I added some Rogue Echo bike and some core work to warm up. I also do some camber box squats before arms.

haven’t seen it yet! can u post the link here too it? tried to take a look and couldn’t find it.

try this to get back in the swing of things, in your situation fine just to do leg press instead of squats…

One of the off days get in some cardio say 30-45mins thats easy on the knees, elliptical/bike etc