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New Conditioning Article and Best Damn Cardio for Naturals

I like the new conditioning article and I have 3 questions if you can find the time I would appreciate it coach!

  1. On the Best Damn Cardio for Natural article, you said you have had success with implementing Sprint 8 for clients… Do you stick to the 30 sec on 1:30 off like Sprint 8 recommends or do you advise the longer 2 or 3 min rest as in the article?

  2. Also do you stick to the same exercise for all 8 rounds or do you like to use multiple exercises?

(Example - 30 sec assault bike, rest, 30 sec battle rope, rest, 30 sec rower, rest…etc?)

  1. If I understand the interference effect from your New Article, does that mean doing an upper body lifting workout followed by a recumbent bike conditioning session would not effect muscle growth since the conditioning would be all legs?

Thank you for your time and help as always!

I remembered I could comment on the article so I posted this same question on there. If you saw that please disregard this question on here. Thanks

  1. I personally do something slightly different than the original sprint 8. I use an air bike (I use the Blitz bike, which is the same as an assault bike or airdyne). I do a 30 seconds ramp up, 30 seconds all out. And then a 2 minutes active rest on the treadmill (walking). That having been said, that’s ME, the original protocol is just fine.

  2. I don’t think it matters that much. I personally stick to a air bike because I’ve never felt comfortable sprinting on a regular treadmill and haven’t got any other piece of cardio equipment.

  3. Correct