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New Conan Trailer



I hate the gay emo rock music. "I think he likes you" bothers me, but it might be different in the movie.

I like the action and I like Conan's bloodthirst. I'm gonna see it at midnight, that's for damn

I need to take my nephews.


x2 on the emo music and "I think he likes you" - but I guess they cater to the masses.

He doesn't seem like a single-minded barbarian character to me, which sucks. Got more of a wise-cracking thing that I hope is not a major part of the character... We've seen that shit way too much already.

I just hope there's enough badassery that will make up for it. :slight_smile:


This is the only movie that I've been even somewhat interested in seeing lately. I will be there opening night.


Really? You've got to diversify your bonds, SN.


Honestly, the last thing I want is a "mindless barbarian" character. If I want mindless action, I'll go see Transformers. This character isn't big enough to have all of the weight fall on his appearance like it did for Arnold. Back then, audiences had never seen someone who looked like that...so simply looking like that was enough screen presence.

It needs to be stylized and it needs a real character behind the name.

Once again, Iron Man would have sucked if the biggest likable item in the movie was the suit and not Stark.


If only I saw your reply earlier. Conan is not your typical savage warriors. He's sneaky enough to be a rogue, powerful enough to slay any warrior, and smart enough to be a effecient king.

He's the epitome of Alpha Male. If he did compliment that woman in the trailer, he would have given her insult right after it or a pat on the ass.


Eh? Conan is not a "single-minded barbarian". He's much smarter than the average person. He's actually closer to a superhero than just a barbarian. His power? Survival.


It's noted in at least one original Howard story that Conan knows more languages, written and spoken, than "educated priests" (quote could be wrong, but implies highly learned people).


Well said.

I'd like to add (although not related per se) that just from viewing the previews, this new Conan has really grown on me. Arnold was huge and looked like a freak of nature in the role. But this guy looks like a warrior who has seen many battles, traveled many miles, and has gone through periods of hunger. Plus the look in his eye expresses the killer instinct with more realism than Arnold's mugging and almost caricature-like facial distortions in the role.

Then again, I'll hold my final words until I actually see this film.




Eep, I said single-minded, not mindless or unintelligent. I meant single-minded in his mission to kick ass like Arnie in the original. Chasing down the James Earl the Wizard.

I'm all for character, and it should mainly come from his conviction to chase down/hunt/kill/find whatever he's after in this film. Backstory is good, character and depth is good, I just don't wanna see too many wise-cracks that will make it cheesy like most other 'heroes'.

Like maybe a Snipes-style Blade personality, in a barbarian meat-suit.


But this is movie is more closely related to the books, I think. And if that's the case, Conan is all about money, battle, and sex. But once you piss him off, then he chases you and guts you.

I'm thinking is just living his life and then he recognizing the people who murdered his people. And then he goes on his single minded rampage.


Actually, I think he can make a good Conan.


Ah, I see. I haven't read the books at all. That sounds cool too I guess.


I'm not sure I'll see this movie. I'll Probably will wait until it comes on Dvd.

Khal Drogo's physique was fierce. Perfect barbarian.


No, watch it in theaters. You got enough money to do it!


Lol! If not I can throw ya a couple of pounds DN =P

Frazetta Conan -


New Conan poster.

I fucking like! But still a shame Frazetta wasn't around to paint the poster for this. =(


I think this guy will do fine. I doubt I will see this in movies (in fact, I know I won't), but I will pick it up on blue ray likely.

I only go to movies for the childhood shit. I'll take a day off for the next Batman movie. LOL