New Commitment

Hey all, I’ve been a lurker for the past few years and finally decided to start a log.

I’m 19, and attend college full time. I powerlifted during high school with my best geared lifts being 405/265/365 at 155 lbs body-weight in the 165 lb weight class. My current weight is 172 at 5’6". I’ve lifted since middle school for sports but did not start taking training seriously until my freshman year of high school. Due to dicking around and not focusing on a solid training program my progress wasn’t as awesome as it should have been. My junior year I started following 5/3/1 and made amazing progress, bringing up all of my lifts and gaining a good 15 lbs by the end of my senior year. Slow but steady! My main focus now is to continue to get stronger, increase muscle mass and increase conditioning!

TL;DR version:

Age: 19
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 172
Best lifts (geared): 405/265/365
Starting at (for new program): 315/250/315
Goals: Bigger, stronger, faster

I just started Tim Henriques 8 Week Basic Strength Program. I will follow this for a full cycle, retest my lifts and then resume 5/3/1.

Only have time for a short intro! Will post my daily training after class!