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Whats up everyone? Happy New year first of all
now i have friend who will start training with me next monday,he is about 186 cm and 82 kg.
Hes not in a bad shape, so i think we can start training with a fair amount of weight, he use to be a swimmer and plays a lot of football.

The problem is that i always have trained to get big and never to be lean and fit, so what can i advise him? he wants his abs to pop out and get cut and wants a lot of work on his shoulders. Should i make him do high reps in low weight? And what programme would you advise? Rippetoe?


lol @ high reps and low weight.

he should work on his diet.


High reps and low weight to feel the burn and get a mega pump.



Let him join you in 5/3/1. You should be starting your 6th cycle now?


He's 6'1" and 180 pounds. He does need to get big.

If he doesn't already have visible abs at his current size, he's better off building muscle immediately.

To quote Mark Rippetoe, "Let's say you put on 40 or 50 pounds in six months. That's going to have a huge impact on how you look and how strong you are. But let's say you do the 'gotta keep my razor sharp abs' horseshit. You'll be lucky if you gain eight or nine pounds. What do you think is going to have more effect on how you look? 50 pounds, 30 of it muscle, or 8 pounds? No one gives a shit about your bullshit abs if you're 5'11 and 170 pounds."

How your friend hasn't yet been broken playing football, I'm not sure. Oh... wait... you probably meant soccer, right? Gotcha. That explains it. (I kid, I kid. I love soccer.)


Just humor him, make him feel like he knows what he's talking about... Then when he quits at least he will think you are a great friend.


Show him pictures of Brad Pitt in Fight Club, and then show him pictures of Brad Pitt from Troy. Tell him to pick which one he wants to look like, and if he picks Brad Pitt from Fight Club, then slap him across the face repeatedly.

I believe it was Rippetoe who once said, "You got to have an ice box for your six pack." I don't think he realizes HOW small 180# at 6'1" is.


Hey JFG long time no see ! How's training?
Actually i had to quit training, because i had to get a job during the summer so yea i went through a mild depression during the time i missed gym. So now i am back it and restarting the 5/3/1 but this time im 200 pounds !

Im taking your advise since and i will put him on the 5/3/1 but first i have to find out his maxes in squat, deadlift, military press and bench press.

Now since you guys mentioned the diet part, i don't think the nearly 4000kcal a day i take now is good for him, should i cut out his sugars and put in on a low carb diet?


Hahahaha yea yea we Europeans call it soccer lol
I get what you say, im 177 cm and weight 200 pounds and still feel to skinny. But he had a different point of view, so i will put him on 5/3/1 and if you can give me some diet advise for this guy :smiley:


dude you, like me fucked our diets up and ended up not fitting in the same class bcs of our bellies :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahaha dude the fucks i don't give about abs as you know are really close to ZERO :stuck_out_tongue:
so a little bit of fat on the side it's good you know it get's kinda cold around these parts :stuck_out_tongue:


a little bit~not being able to bend over bcs of the fat -.-
who is the guy ur training with now?