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New Coffee Machines


So I just started seeing those kind of coffee machines where you slip a disc in and the barcode tells the machine how to make it.

Here in Taiwan I can only find the Nescafe one: http://www.dolce-gusto.us/Public/Default.aspx

Does anyone have one or one similar to it? How do you like it? Can discs for one machine be used on another machine?


You slip your WHAT into the machine?!!

EDIT: Oops nvm.


I got a Keurig for Christmas. It makes one cup at a time and so far I like it, but I don't like the coffee it comes with.

I also got a basket to use my own coffee and it is much better.

I don't think that the discs are interchangable.

I would recommend you get one with the ability to use your own grind.


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We got a thread for that already... sorta.


I think most Keurig-type 'cups' are interchangable. Don't rely on it for your sole coffee maker. I went to a Christmas party where a poor kid got stuck making coffee for a crowd with a Keurig -- one cup at a time.

I've tried them all, and I think the best is a french press with fresh ground beans.


If you're just after expresso, I think that the moka express is the best thing in the world. Old fashioned? Yes, but still the best exprresso you an get.


You want an esspresso machine.



X 5000


This. I got one for my mom this Christmas. She decided to make coffee for everyone who was over. Myself, I dont like the single makers. Not only for when others are around but I drink more than 5-6oz of coffee that it makes. Not worth it if you do drink more than that.


I have a tassimo. For general purpose coffee maker, it's better than the keurig. The tassimo actually read the bar-code of the disc and adjust the amount and temperature of the water for whatever it is you put into it (the keurig does not). Unfortunately, they lost the advertising war, so there aren't nearly as many coffees available for it anymore.

For espresso, Nespresso is amazing. They have a pretty thorough range of espresso types. The hold up is that they are on the pricey side. It?s also a much smaller company and they are the only ones that make the pods. It also only does straight espresso, no tea or creamers or hot chocolate or anything.


Where did you get that?

I need one!


I got one for my brother at Target.


I don't drink coffee but today I went and got one on the way to work from one of those coffee chain places.

I went in there and they had like a bazillion different types of coffee - I freaked out.

I decided to go with something that sounded simple - a short black - and all I got was a shot-glass sized coffee... I was like 'uhhh thanks'. It tasted like shit BTW.

Why do you people drink this stuff?

I feel like I'd have to read a couple fo textbooks just to get started on drinking coffee.


^^ Don't learn all the fancy ones, just find out which one is normal brewed coffee. Just ask the staff as I'm sure they've heard that a few times and are ready to help.


It's overwhelming for me, being in one of those places.

I should go in and ask that when there aren't any people around, lest I be revealed to be a coffee noob. :frowning:


No, do it in front of the coffee snobs. I hate them too.

Ordering some coffee with a long name sounds like some lame joke from a Sandra Bullock or Kate Hudson movie y'know where she goes into a Starbucks and saying "I'll have a double tall low-fat soy milk decaf latte with low-fat cream" is for some reason supposed to be hilarious.


Santa Claus.

But I think he shops at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Thanks Christine and Texican.

I got the thing on clearance Monday for my eye opener while the regular pot is brewing, and figured that they were like the Krupps espresso machines. I was kinda shocked and angry when I picked up a pack of the K-cups and they were $9.00 for 10 of them.


Green Mountain Coffee is in some trouble and their stocks took a huge hit recently. Their licenses are ending with a lot of the specialty brands and I there was some talk of partnering with Starbucks but I think Starbucks is going to make their own K-cups, so their whole "razor and blade" business model fell apart.

A lot of the specialty brands may start doing Tassimo discs after their contracts are up.