New Coaching Forum Format


Hi guys, just noticed the new coaching forum that was added, and my initial thought is that it might not grab the eyes of posters the way the old format would. I’m not trying to complain or be argumentative, I just genuinely think it might not attract posters when it’s in smaller print than other forums and at the bottom of a list including the three other more established guys.

I saw that change and wondered if it meant that the coaching forums were intentionally being de-emphasized? Won’t bother to speculate why that might have been done.

I think it’s probably about the idea that people come in and hone in on one coach and never see any other coach’s forums. Putting all the threads in one grab bag means you might click on something that catches your eye, that you may not have clicked on before, and you get a whole bunch of new info from a coach you haven’t interacted with.

Of course, this is just my take but it seems like a neat thing to try, IMO.


We aren’t trying to deemphasize anything. We’re only trying to minimize scrolling, which is super important. We needed to increase the information density.

I have no idea if this was the intent, but i still love it. Anything that breaks down online bubbles is a good thing, in my books.

I am concerned that O-35 crowd may not be loving this. They are a bunch of cranky old farts… lol

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