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New Christian Thibaudeau DVD Available


Guys, after about a zillion announcements, my first DVD is finally available!!! It's true. You can buy it online at www.customflix.com.

The exact adress of the online store is:


Here's what it's about...

After his two highly rated books, "The Black Book of Training Secrets" and "Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods", Coach Thibaudeau is finally releasing the first of his DVD series!

"Cluster training" details several novel training techniques that will help you blast through any muscle size or strength plateau in no time.

Several different applications of the cluster method are discussed, demonstrated and explained in this DVD. Furthermore, all these techniques are divided into 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) which will help you select which application is best for your needs.

As a bonus feature a 15 minutes Q&A session "in the coach's home" is included. A sample training program is also given.

All and all this DVD presents some revolutionary new material. It's up to you to harness its power!


yeah, but is Christiane in it?


Obviously yes... In fact we already hav a second video ready.

A third one detailing her training for the Canadian nationals is also in the works and should be released in the upcoming months.



I tried to order the DVD, but received this message about the discount code...

"We're sorry, but there was an error processing your request.
The following discount code(s) are invalid and must be removed: M8Q4VNN8"

Any suggestions? I am excited to view this DVD, as all your books and articles are highly informative!

Thanks In Advance...


hmmm ... might be case sensitive ... I'll try to fix it ... I'll get back to you in a few minutes


Ah codes wont work ... srorry about that :frowning:



I just ordered your Black Book of Training secrets from Charlie Francis' website and I must say, great book. I am also interested in purchasing "Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods" and the DVD. Could you give me some info about what is to be found in the book and DVD? I'm trying to scrounge for more info on block training, especially a hypertrophy block for athletes. I'm about to start your football training program with an added hypertrophy block, but mostly I would just like info on the book and the new DVD. Again, wonderful job on BBTS.


The DVD details 10 variations of cluster training which is one of the most powerful method to build strength and size.

Theory and Application ... (second book) details the science behind various training methods, gives over 30 different methods and explain how to use them.


Ok ... I got the discount code working ... it's M8QHVNN8


Just bought it. That's a generous discount, CT. You really know how to treat your customers well. Thanks.


Well Mike, I'm really not in this to make a ton of money. With the discount, taxes and the charges from the website I'm not making much for each DVD sold. However if it helps me get more info out there, then its worth it.



I just ordered!Thank you for the generous discount...


Agreed! Thanks CT. I look forward to watching you workin it!


I also ordered the DVD. I've learned so much invaluable information with every article, newsletter, or book I've read from Christian Thibadeau. The guy is an encyclopedia of training info. I can't wait to get the DVD and I look forward to anything he releases in the future.


Just ordered the DVD, thanks for the discount!!

You mentioned that a second title was ready what will this be about? Also what else do you have planned for this DVD series?



Thanks guys! This is just the first one. I already have another one ready, but I was waiting to get some funds from this first one to market the next.


The second one will be about beginner, intermediate and advanced hypertrophy methods.

Next we'll be doing a video on high power training (olympic lifts, balistic lifts, plyo, weight releasers, bands, etc.)

And we will also be filming Christiane's preparation for the Canadian bodybuilding championships as well as some candid "real life" occurances (all happeing BEFORE 10:00pm of course :wink: )


Ok, the correct url for the e-store is now: http://www.customflix.com/206661

The other one was just temporary.


Just ordered Cluster Training; can't wait to see the High Power Training video (trying to learn Oly lifts by oneself is kind of difficult, so it's good to have lots of visual references of what the lifts should look like).

Thanks CT!


Hey CT,

I have your 'Black Book', but I haven't seen where your new book is available.