New Challenge! - Average to Athlete

In the spirit of these challenge threads, I thought I’d throw out one that looks pretty well rounded.

To keep it simple, let’s keep the movements:

  • squat/Deadlift/Trap Bar (low Handles)
  • Standing Long jump
  • Strict Press (any implement)
  • body weight chin-ups (any grip)
  • mile run

Since there are 3 score categories, we’ll just use a 1-3 score (based off the article). So 5 is the lowest possible score, &15 is the highest.

We could either go for:

  • a total score, accumulated over a week’s time (MY VOTE), or
  • best time, & each additional point beyond 5 takes, say, 30 seconds off your time.

Admittedly, lighter guys have a bit of an advantage on this one, but bigger & stronger members have one on the others so this’ll keep it fresh.

Any takers, suggestions?

which category do I fall into? Am I a lighter guy or a bigger stronger member? lol

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’d get a 14 or 15… The mile run is the only one I’m not sure I’d get 3 points on.

Lol, I think you’d fall into the category of folks who’d be vying to time the whole thing.

I think realistically I’d get around 13-14. I think I could swing the mile, but def not the static stuff.

Once all the tracks around me aren’t covered in a sheet of ice this one would be pretty sweet. I think I’d get 11, the run and jump would carry me, and the press kill my hopes of 12+ lol.

If you’re clever enough, you may get some speed out of that ice-covered track

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It’s been a while since I laced up my skates, but speed was never the problem. Stopping on the other hand…

Haha, well, as long as you do it last.

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The Squat/Deadlift would bury me. I can jump, press, pull and run. Fuck, if my long ass legs can squat 2x BW.

Can we do farthest hit or hardest thrown baseball? That’s my kind of challenge.

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I can chalk my dead to the 2x body weight category. Maybe hit 2.25 with the trap but definitely not 2.5… yet!


I think it being over a week makes it too easy. I can pull a sub 6:00 mile out of my butt whenever necessary, but it destroys me.

Same boat man. Haha, dude I’d kill someone doing that. As far as inaccurate throwers go, I can hang with the best of 'em

How about within a day?

Not sure what my mile is anymore. I bet it’s pretty good, but yeah shin splint city.