new cd

every time i walk into best buy, i will buy like 4 or 5 cds. i need to buget myself, so i went in there today, but couldnt decide on just one. so here are my options. mudvayne, rammstein, kmfdm, or old school rage. help me choose

You can download the music off of morpheus.

Forget those bands and get the Mob Rules by Black Sabbath. It is one of the best albums ever. If you don’t nod your head to Turn Up The Night, you must be dead. Just my opinion.

mudvayne, no doubt

i hate to say it, but im really not a fan of anything by ozzy. i like the show, but i dont like his music.

I have to go with old school Rage. If you are looking for some good tunes to lift to, Killing in the Name Of and Freedom are tough to beat.

If you’re looking for something really heavy go with Chimaira. Nothingface - Violence got excellent reviews and i personally love the cd. A reviewer for Kerrang! said it was “the new standard for metal”, which is quite a compliment coming from such a source. Lostprophets is a very good band, but not very heavy. The first 2 deftones albums are quite good, Adrenaline and Around The Fur. Mudvayne is definitely awesome. Slipknot - Iowa is simply amazing IMO.

Rage gets my vote. Their first album and the Renegades CD are the best. BTW, Ozzy was not the lead singer for Sabbath on Mob Rules…it was Ronnie James Dio.

You got to go with the KMFDM. The symbols album with Megalomaniac on it is great. I also like XTORT with Power and Son Of A Gun on it.

no no no,
i say go underground. look for converge, coalesce, curlupandie, disembodied, circle of dead children, zao, poison the well…
and don’t buy old school rage at best buy, go to a used cd store and you will most likely find it there.

yeah i might have to check the used cd store out. im sure i could find rage, and maybe even kmfdm and rammstein. also, how is the second static-x cd, machine? i have wisconsin death trip and love it, but i havent heard anything on machine.

There ya go, basically one vote for everything…that sure helped you, huh?

damnit, looks like im buying all 4.

Out of thhose four options I choose Mudvayne - mostly because that’s the only one that I have and it just downright rocks!