New Case Study - Blood Work Help

Hello everyone. I’ve been a Biotest/T-mag fan/lurker since the late 90’s. Now, more than 12 years later, I need your help.
Quick details:
40 year old male
17% body fat
waist - ~34.5
facial hair - normal
body hair - increased back hair growth since on test
head hair - widow’s peak (always had this) - thinning around temples moreso in the past 3 weeks

Previous drugs - the original MAG-10 around 11 years ago - crazy strength increases + size, lost some hair, achy joints during recovery
Finasteride for hairloss prevention - was on for about 2 years - stopped around 7 years ago
Cholesterol - all ranges normal (<180)
training - nothing severe - p90x variety stuff at this time - no overtraining
diet - actually need to bump calories - around 1500 at this time
no testes ache, some size reduction
no morning erections

I was diagnosed with low-T around 6 months ago (around 190). Doc prescribed Androgel pump. No significant change (mid 200’s). Did Androgel tubes. Nothing major. Went to injections. He prescribed a high dose protocol of 400 per week to “jump start my system” . Did three shots of 400 per week, followed by a prescribed extra week off (which made me super anxious and depressed. Then had me go on 200 per week for the past several weeks.

I’m now self injecting 100 twice per week.
I’ve learned my doc isn’t the greatest, but at this point he will most likely give me whatever I ask for, so I’m asking for your help.

I’ve noticed some hair loss in the past 3 weeks which is a lot more than I would expect. I need help in stemming this if possible.

Feeling OK, libido just ok - not great, not gone
Testes smaller
As mentioned - hairloss increased
No morning erections
Erections Ok, could be stronger - I tend to lose the firmness after about 10-15 at times - not a full loss, but not as strong
Ejaculate not powerful
Ejaculate volume not a lot
Carrying most of the fat around the midsection
Not looking as “hard” as I could - always have a softness going on - I need to lose some weight (about another 12-15#)

Now the results - please let me know your thoughts - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

here’s my latest results (LabCorp - 7/12/2012)
Thyroid Panel with TSH
TSH - 1.440
Thyroxine (T4) - 6.5
T3 uptake 0 34
Free Thyroxine Index - 2.2

FSH and LH
LH - 0.1 (low)
FSH - < 0.2 (low)

Testosterone, Free and Total
Testosterone, serum - 673
Free Testosterone (direct) - 21.7 (high)

DHEA - Sulfate - 328.9

Cortisol - 13.3 (morning reading)

Estradiol - 50.7 (high) - Roche ECLIA methodology

C-reactive protein - 0.24

homocyteine plasma - 10.3

thryoid peroidase - <6

Address the E2 either by lowering your T dose or with an AI. I would probably recommend the former for you but up to you and your doctor to decide.

If ejaculate volume is weak, HCG may be in order. Depends on how much this bothers you and your lady.

Thanks for the reply.
Any thoughts on the low lh and fsh?
Could the high E be leading to the hair loss, or more so the higher T?

LH and FSH are low, as they should be, due to the exogenous test you are taking and feedback mechanisms in the body…perfectly expected (in fact, if it wasn’t, something would be wrong).

Hair loss is tricky…high E2 definitely plays a role…also from the T…it just seems that people that are predisposed to it see it accelerate when taking androgens…no real rhyme or reason to it, it seems…buy a razor.