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New Career Path...

Hey all…I’m just looking for a little feedback here, 2 days ago I got layed off from a job I didnt nessecary love, but didnt hate either. It was one of those ones where you can do it without going crazy but you didnt see yourself doing for the rest of your life. So really I wasnt to devestated due to it. And to be honest I was planning on quiting within a year or so anyways once I figured out what I wanted to do. This is just speeding it up. What I am hoping for is any of you who may be in the accounting field and more specificly in the oil and gas accounting field to give any advice on courses and the such that I need to be aware to break into this.

This would really be a complete change from what I was doing as an Aircraft Maintenance engenier. So to me at lest something new would be nice, at lest my wife is supportive of me even though she cant see me working in an office, the rest of my family on the other hand think I should stay in aviation seeing I’ve been in it for the past 4 years. But I guess thats why my family is fat and out of shape, why change something if you’ve been doing it for several years…Little off tangent but true.

Anyways any advice and tips would be appreciated. Oh ya and if there are any Canadians that fit what I am looking into would be even more of a help seeing I’m in Calgary.
Thankx for the help here with this, and getting my fat ass into the gym with a plan.

Are you saying you want to go from engineering to accounting … ? How long do you want to study for your new career? Also, why on Earth accounting, and why specifically in that field?

I don’t work in that area but know a few accountants, and also some civ engineers who have worked in that area… I imagine you are planning to work in the field or something? (ie on location in a remote area or something).

Good luck. It’s a long shot trying to network on here for something so specific, you should network everywhere else you can, there might even be some kind of bulletin board for accountants in that field. But good luck and good on you for trying, nothing worse that a job you hate, and a job you don’t really love, that’s the next worst thing.

Thankx for the reply Magarhe. And the title of my previous job is very misleading. All I really was, was an aircraft mechanic. Up here in Canada, they are called Engeners, for some reason while in the States A&P Technicians. And the idea from accounting is because it is almost what I intially took when going to college. And likely would have if I had taken a year or two off instead of just heading into it when I was 18. At that time I was just thinking, I like working on cars and planes are cool, and mechanical stuff is really easy for me so makes sense. While the accounting was something I enjoyed but I had to work at. And the way I see it right now, if I dont go into something such as accounting, I will just end up with another mechanics job be it cars, heavy duty equipment or airplanes. And well yes I love working with my hands like that, it turned out to be something that I don’t see myself doing for the next 30 or 40 years of my life. Thats the idea behind such a big change in careers. And besides I’m still young I need to know whats out there. And this wasnt really for networking, just wondering if anyone else was in accounting and had any tips or advice.