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New Car


I need a new car. Im looking for something reliable, and all year round (AWD/4x4) and preferably decent on gas and a little sporty(turbo?). My ideal car would be a subaru wrx, but they are hard to come by in canada. Also i am looking to spend between 15-22k. I have also considered nissan xterra's, saabs, jetta's, and dodge dakotas, so as u can see im all over the map. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


I'd say a Mazda Speed6 ... If you get a 2007 Sport you may be able to hit around 22K if there are any year end sales going on up there.

They've got better interiors and are faster than the WRX.


im considering an f150 although im not a ford fan.....


while i am not a big fan of their cars (although the new mustand seems cool), there trucks are great and last forever. i live in the country so everyone has an old work truck, and most tend to be fords that wont die..


I work as a service advisor at a large used dealership and I would have to say stay away from Mazda. Just my .02


I've had zero problems with my Mazda, and with a 7 year/100K mile warranty, i'm not too worried, heh. =D

What are the reasons you suggest staying away from them?


No offense intended Joker, they're just one of those manufacturers I see on a regular basis. Hyundai has a pretty good warranty, if you go that direction go used, their value drops pretty badly.


he said he wanted AWD/4x4 so mazda 6 or mazda 3 is out guys.

I love my Xterra, I have 46,000 miles on it and not one problem! I replaced the brakes and tires but other than that and some oil changes it's been perfect with no service.

You could always go with any Subaru and modify them. LowFatMatt on here may chime in, but they are all the same engine just with slight variations. You could get the impreza and simply add a turbo and intercooler yourself and you have a WRX without the insurance expense!

If you are looking for MPG stay away from US trucks haha they will have you crying. Also, I would stay away from any dodge truck right now...certain parts seem to be exploding on them, take it from a supplier.


Dodge Caliber / Jeep Compass would both satisfy your AWD/4x4 need at about $20,000. Last time I checked, you can also get 0% fiinancing on these vehicles right now.


That's why I suggested a Speed6, it's AWD.

Oh, I wasn't offended, sorry if I came across that way. =D The MazdaSpeed series is actually produced seperately from the regular Mazda lineup's, so they may be a bit better quality, i'm not sure.

However, I was just wondering what you see them in there for so I could look out for that with mine. =D


ah good call, sorry I forgot that they are AWD. A bit pricey though at around 30k. For that much I would get a WRX STi


It's the Tribute I see more of. I personally like Nissan, but cars are like anything else, some people this others like that. Most of the mechanics at the shop consider anything Volkswagen to be turds.


I'd take a Speed6 over an STi anyday with a little less power and a much enhanced interior. I drove the STi, it was a great car with great response, but the interior was small and BORING. It's like the Evo, stripped almost bare... I love power but i'll sacrifice some for the improved comfort and room in the Speed6.


I've heard VW's and Audi's have ridiculous amounts of electronics problems, and I don't want anything to do with a car that has electrical problems.


im a vw owner for several years and never had a problkem with any. id say get the R32 golf youll be grinning ear to ear every time you plant the right foot.


I've seen a lot of R32's in my area... They were in my rearview, but i've seen them. =D


STi and its not even close... monster in any weather.


Quite a bit out of his price range, though. :wink:

And if you like interior gadgets, not for you.


What exactly do you need AWD/4x4 for? First off, those two systems are different and are used for different things. Second, the cars you list are all very different: Xterra, Subaru, Saab, Jetta, Dakota. Do you want a 4x4 SUV for serious off-roading, a smaller AWD for commuting in icy weather, or a pickup for hauling stuff?

Try to figure out what exactly your needs and wants are, then decide which cars fit those requirements. If you really had decided that you need a AWD/4x4, reliable, gas-conscious, sporty car, the ones you listed would not fall into those categories. The Subaru WRX might be the only one that matches all those.

Take a look at Consumer Reports Buying Guide, or I highly recommend the book Car Buyer's and Leaser's Negotiating Bible. It will help you pick the car that fits your needs and show you how to get a killer deal (if you're willing to put in a little work).


get a car that is easy to service / repair / get parts for in your local area that you live ie the country you are in.

the biggest expenses for a car are services, repairs, insurance etc...

nothing worse than a car stuffing up on you

had my last toyota for 18+ years, never skipped a beat.

turbo etc.. all that puts more stress on the beast which isn't a good idea in my opinion. I prefer overengineered and under stressed mechanical devices. NOT something that is pushing the limit in order to impress / compete with other "boy racers".

a car should be like a Labrador, rock solid, reliable. Not like a greyhound, sleek and stylish but completely nuts.