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New Cancer Drug

Has anyone heard about this?

interesting…I hope it works out…I hate seeing people getting raped by the healthcare system only to die anyway or have the huge burden of bills hanging over their heads…

Well I missed that memo!

Seriously, how come no one has mentioned this anywhere - is this recent news?

Opens Google

I know there has been a lot of research in Metastasis lately( only 1% over the last few years too, which really sickens me), but I wonder what these studies will show in cancer patients over the next several months. Nevertheless, even if it does cure certain cancers, if it doesn’t produce any money for the pharmaceutical companies to make profits off of, then it very well could become a banned substance, much like laetrile was for cancer treatment, even when there is no proven toxicity, although some complicated interactions might occur in patients undergoing chemo therapy and radiation.