New Calf Tension while Training, TRT/Blood Flow Issue?

I’m currently finding that at the end of my workouts, regardless of if I’m doing legs or not my right calf is getting very tense/stiff

I’m currently on TRT and I’m confused as this is new, for instance I worked my chest and Tri’s this evening, when I left the gym my right calf was super tight, at the back.

I’m concerned this could be a blood flow issue, has anyone else experienced this?

What’s your iron status?

Are you staying hydrated?

I take supplements and drink lots of water.

I could force myself to drink more, honestly though, with my diet, supps and water intake I can’t imagine it being this

You could start here:

Extend the knee in the leg you want to check.
With the knee in position, have someone raise your leg to 10 degrees.
Have them squeeze your calf with one hand while flexing your foot with the other.

If you experience any type of deep calf pain, you should consult with a medical professional, soon.

Generally speaking, the most important warning signs of a blood clot or symptoms of DVT in your leg include:

Pain, tenderness to touch
A feeling of warmth.