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New, But Not...

I’ve been lifting pretty steadily since i was about 13 years old. My dad has done a few competitions, and done fairly well. I’m built exactly how he was when he was my age, but hes definately put on some bulk over the years. I’m 18, 5’11" 160 pounds. My body fat % is right at 8. There is no question that I am skinny. I put up pretty decent weight for my size, but I want more.

I can’t seem to find a diet that will help me put on weight, even with the load of protein I take in daily. My bench is 255 max, squat and deadlift are 345. Now, I know these aren’t phenomenal, but they are ok. I just can’t seem to find a good way to gain weight and crank up my numbers and my physique. My dad tells me to eat, and I do. Is there some kind of trick? Or is it my late bloomer curse still haunting me?

Your dad is right - eat. If that doesn’t work, eat more.

At 18 it is hard to gain weight beyond your natural rate. You can do it but probably not as fast as you would like. You strength is very good for an 18 year old. Don’t put yourself down on that. Take the long view and keep making improvements. You will go through a spurt a some point and pack on weight and get even stronger. In the meantime, keep working hard, eat lots of good food, manage stress and get lots of rest. I expect this last point is the hardest.