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New but not new

Im not a body builder. i just work out on an empty somache morning and the evening i eat like anything i want(mostly chicken)…now im intrested in being a body builder. i was just wondering. Do i have to change my food schedule? because im 165 5"11 and im pretty muscular and should i work out during my bulking days

Check out the FAQ. Also, there are two types of bodybuilders: competitive and non-competitive. If you weight train and don’t compete, then…you are a NON competitive bodybduilder.

Wow! Where do we begin. Yes, you will have to change your eating schedule. Your first step needs to be to head over to this article www.testosterone.net/articles/199ess.html and read the whole thing. It should provide all the links to JB’s other more comprehensive articles. After that, read through the FAQ and then everything that piques your interest. Then go check out the favorite training article thread and go check out of a few of those articles.

Bodybuilding is hard and there is a lot to learn, but EVERYTHING you need to be successful is here at this very site.