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New Business Failures


All murikas fault I’m sure.


Maduro is Chavez cranked up to 11. It will get much worse. Gotta love the crypto scam, though lol.


OMG they actually went through the standard ICO path lolololol!!

I feel like buying some just so I can say I violated international sanctions.


Well if it wasn’t for our economic blockades and terrorism they’d flourish I tell you … FLOURISH


Umm no…it was the monumental failure of the economic system.

Given the primary role that the private for-profit market plays in American social welfare, the Great Depression represented the greatest failure of the business sector in American history.

A third reason for the opposition to further reform was the fear of socialism in America. The New Deal with its massive public employment and national poor relief programs was a fundamental change in America’s institutional structure, a change that threatened the ideology of the nation’s conservative leaders. Hmmmmm… A threat to an ideology. Does anyone know who this may apply to on this forum?


So people are getting richer in the U.S. and that is the reason why the middle class is disappearing? You actually believe that?

“Absolute income mobility has fallen across the entire income distribution, with the largest declines for families in the middle class.”
Since little data exists linking children to their parents in terms of economic performance, researchers combined US census data with tax records, adjusting for inflation and other confounding variables.


Does one need to be there in order to talk about it or be knowledgeable of it? So why talk about any history if one was not there?


So one should not read unless it is approved by you?


So what items are missing from the Venezuelans?

Is it the poor who are protesting or the upper class? A class that doesn’t want to give up their power. They just want more money and power to try and satisfy their greed. A feeling that will never be satisfied.


Which means it became harder for the middle class to become the upper class? Boo fuckin who. You want socialized medicine and all kinds of added taxes aimed at the upper class, yet you’re also mad that it’s harder for middle class to become what you hate?


So why aren’t these things happening in Denmark? Could it be the US. intervention? Nah, the U.S. is benevolent.


Why did they do this? Could it have to do with the U.S. screwing with their finances?


Do you think things would have gone this way if not for the U.S.?


He doesn’t understand what that link means. Lower intergenerational mobility doesn’t mean less people are in the Middle class or that the middle class is fading.

Reading comprehension is difficult, though.


To me, it would just mean less people are outperforming their parents.


Yup and there are a number of reasons that’s happening.


Yeah. Not to sound complacent or unmotivated, but middle class ain’t bad.


Not to sound like a cliche, but I don’t really want to be that much more upwardly mobile. I see what it takes for my bosses to perform at that level, and while I’m capable of it, those ‘always accessible at work email never get a real vacation’ lifestyles sound like absolute garbage.

I’ll never own a Ferrari, but I can afford a good suburb and quality things. There’s really not much I want that I can’t have, I just don’t really want extravagant things


It’s also hilarious how the “analysis” starts right after the depression. Wonder why that is…


Hard to say. As glossed over as that “analysis” was, the only thing more obvious than the lack of exploration of findings was the big baby spoon filled with pre-digested conclusions.