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New Business Failures


That’s the amazing thing, I’m part of a crop-share co-op.

Lol, this fucking guy is just dummmmmmb.




Thinks it’s evil that people want marijuana and stem cells studied (questions ought to be asked and answered completely) before being sold as a treatment while simultaneously thinking this hasn’t occurred with the most studied medicine in the history of the world (vaccines). Utter lunacy.

Tagging @Aragorn @ActivitiesGuy because I know their heads will explode.


Yep. I’ve given up on this guy… it’s like kryptonite for IQ points lol.

“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you”.


And what do you do to support the system you love so much? Just let the propaganda do it’d job.


Check and check. The only business I’d like to be a part of is a Co-Op.


So you don’t buy from non co ops. Color me impressed. That’s actually a way to change the system. Mind telling me where you buy your groceries? Your clothes? Your phone? Your car? I’d love to start shopping at the co ops you shop at


Probably a bunch of phony ones as they are everywhere. Thinking because they show up for church and pray that it somehow makes them Christians. I know because my sister and her husband are two of the phonies. Nothing but hypocritical phonies.


You don’t know shit about shit, which is why I only post in your threads to mock your dumbfuckery.


A lot has happened in 30 years. Maybe, just getting some feeling back would be enough for him, don’t know.

And it is you who shows presumptions by discounting everything NOW because it didn’t work 30 years ago.

You live in the past and chastise those who are living in the present.

And it is YOU who is more fitting of the label of idiot to assume that no progress has been made in 30 years.


Yes, by promoting disease and prolonging suffering. It is working. The system YOU champion. As long as another buck can be made. Wooo-Hooooo! The greatest system in the world, placing profits before the welfare of people.


Wow, what credentials.


This has already been done ad nauseam in and out of this country.

But you don’t understand how the world works. You discount the revolving door between pharma and the government agencies. Primarily designed to protect profits for the pharma cartel at the expense of the public.

Stem cells and medicinal cannabis represents a threat to pharma’s bottom line so disinformation/misinformation need to be spread and politicians and heads of regulatory agencies need to be bought.

Vaccines add to the bottom line of pharma. So scrutiny is not nearly as important.

Again absolute stupidity and ignorance on how the world really works. But hey, why look at the evidence when you have a theory in a book or dogma.


Just another ideological ignoramus.


You do realize on any given day there is more global public research on vaccines than MJ and stem cells combined, right?

Still waiting for those co ops you shop at instead btw. I’d love to make the difference you do by not supporting places like Walmart and Verizon.


For 30 years, dumb dumb. As stated in the post you responded to.


Missed the point as usual. You want all of the questions thoroughly answered regarding vaccines even though they are the most studied medicine in the history of the world with literally hundreds of millions of people benefiting from them, but get pissy when other people ask for the exact same thing in regards to stem cells and marijuana.

You’re a looney hypocrite, assclown.

Ya, but the questions need to be thoroughly answered cause Jenny McCarthy said so.

Cognitive dissonance at it’s worst.


Quoted again for how utterly ridiculous this is. Bravo, you’re a one man clown show.


I probably work more for “small to medium pharma,” but I do appreciate that I’m probably lumped into the same category that causes people this stupid so much grief.


That’s impossible. How has your company avoided being gobbled up by the evil cabal known as “Big Pharm”???