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New bum shoulder

I hurt my shoulder during ju jitsu when we were all showing off for chicks and doing gymnastics… suffice to say and landed incorrectly.
My right shoulder hurts in the following:

  1. When raising it up as if doing a side lateral… no pain when doing it free but w/ >5 lbs , it does hurt

  2. when externally rotating it , or rotating it " up " It hurts a little when i do the movement quickly but not at all when done slowly.

How do i know if i irreparably messed up my shoulder? i like working out and having a buff upper body but this puts a dent in that . or how do i know if its just a strain and to stay off of it for a while? God bless and hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving!

I know a couple of guys did the same thing years ago. They were practicing Judo, two women walked in to watch. A couple minutes later the girls left and the guys were crippled, they limped home to ice their injuries. Women are dangerous.

Anyway, I think the only way to know is to give it a couple of weeks and see. Ice it, rest it and don’t test it for at least a week, maybe it will heal. If that doesn’t do it then take it easy for a couple of months. If that doesn’t do it then talk to a doctor. I had surgery on my right shoulder and while it will never be what it was, it is now better than my left, it was pretty useless before the surgery, so odds are this is not something that can’t be repaired somehow. I hope it feels better in a few weeks.

lumbernac, sorry to hear about the shoulder. I’m rehabbing mine currently.

There are two types of pain, the good kind from a hard workout and the bad kind where you know you’re in trouble. Since it’s an injury, I have no doubt you’re dealing with the latter.

Give your shoulder a rest. You’re in it for the long haul, right? If a couple of weeks don’t make a difference, get into a physical therapist for an assesment or get some ART (Active Release Technique) if you have a practitioner anywhere within driving distance. You can find a provider at www.activerelease.com/providerSearch.asp.

Good luck to you!!!

There is a good article on shoulder rehab at www.elitefts.com. You’ll find it in the section devoted to all articles, not just the current or recent ones.

I suggest a light warm up before excercise, and then go light, lay off it all together if you can and work lower body. My Shoulder is hurt also and I do the above although I should lay off I don’t I don’t want to get off the training schedule I am on, so everytime I feel better I screw it up all over again…real smart HUH?

Yah, thanks everybody for the replies. i am seeing my doctor at 4 today, and even though he is a general physiscian, perhaps he can shed some light on the subject… i doubt it is severly fubar’d but i am taking it easy on the jujitsu and sports and running for a while and work on drinking beer for a little while ( why have a 6 pack when you can have a keg? heh heh ).


Your pain could be caused by a muscle sprain. If so, these heal amazingly well, but the healing is greatly aided by ART and well-designed rehab exercises.

Even if you have a more serious injury, it will heal. Just be sure to rehab intelligently so as not to cause any more injury. The principle of progressive overload is extremely important. So many times we feel better, then think we can go right back to our old routines. Work your way up from what you can do now, SLOWLY and gradually.

Been there, done that. ART will fix it right up.
Good luck!