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New Bulking Plan

I have changed my bulking plan as I was getting bored of it. I plan to change it every so often to keep me motivated. the diet as of now looks like

5am 1xbagel with peanut butter and a banana sliced on top. protein shake with banana kiwi a cup of rolled oats blended and a scoop of whey.

8am 5 eggs scrambled with some grated cheese and a slice of smoked salmon fillet.

12.00pm tuna pasta with peppers and onions.

14.00 mass gainer shake cals 1160 protein 50 carbs 219

17.00 mince, chicken or fish with a cup of rice and veg some fruit for after.

before bed. 830pm scrambled eggs with cheese a bagel with a generous amount of peanut butter and a banana and a yogurt. I don’t really count macros on a bulk I just keep an eye on my strength and body changes. what do you lot think to the diet good or weak?

If you’re asking purely about food choices, it doesn’t look bad to me

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yeah I didn’t explain it very well. I get bored after a few weeks of the same foods so like to change it up a bit every so often. just wanted to make sure it was an adequate amount of the right foods.

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When would you lift?

Learn to select good foods and to create meals so you don’t have to rely on other people every few weeks.

i train at 1245 during my lunch break for an hour

it’s not often I rely on others I just wanted some input. isn’t that part of the point of a nutritional section, help and advice?

I disagree. There’s not a whole lot of nutritional value here. Our maybe there is and I’m just blindsided by the 1k+ gainer, calories that could be coming from whole foods instead.

Fair enough.

However, according to him he has two pieces of fruit for breakfast, a couple of servings of veggies at lunch and dinner, fruit at dinner, and another piece of fruit before bed. He may be lacking in the veggies department, but that could be easily fixed adding a serving of veggies to each one of the egg scrambles. Maybe spinach and mushrooms or tomatoes.

I agree with you as per the shake. Eating is so fricking good I can’t imagine anyone would want to sub real food for a shake. However maybe he has issues with appetite or time constraints. At the very least, he could still blend some spinach into that shake. Never tried it, but people say it’s tolerable taste wise.

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the shake is just because of time. I work as a nurse (shiftwork) so time can be very restricting. will start adding some kale and veg with some of the meals to add more nutrients.

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As @samul pointed out, you are eating fruits and veggies. While I certainly won’t stop you from eating more veggies, I was thinking more along the lines of that I’d prefer two cups of rice for dinner instead and maybe add in another meal somewhere.

It’s like, nutritionally, there is a continuum and while you could be worse off when people ask for feedback I tend to focus on what they can improve (sorry). So, on that continuum, your bagel could maybe be replaced with sourdough bread, or ezekiel bread. Or, better still, convert that protein shake of yours into overnight oats and have more of it. Conceivably replace the protein powder with quark or cottage cheese.

If it’s in your budget, have two slices of salmon, and so on. And eventually, the need for that gainer goes away, and you are eating better foods overall.

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It’s not gonna make a huge difference in the big scheme of things but timing your nutrition around your workout could be beneficial: fast digesting carbs and nutrients closer to workout and fats and slow digesting stuff away from workouts would be better


what would be a good substitute to cottage cheese I have tried having it not long back but I don’t like it. I even tried forcing it down I just couldn’t stomach it.

Quark, I suppose. Some people find the cottage cheese curds a lot more palatable if you mix in some flax meal as it becomes more desserty that way (2 tbsp for every half a cup of cottage cheese) but I believe one has to be mindful of flax meal intake as there is such a thing as too much.

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