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New Bulking Plan Log


Since it’s been a while I thought I’d rotate back to the Dan John plan as that was very beneficial for me but I am going to change it up with different excersizes and rep ranges will change weekly.


Lying Rear Delt Flys
8x5 7.5kg

Zercher Squat
10x3 55kg

Sumo Deadlift
10x1 70kg

Pull - Up
Up to 25 15

Pin Press
4x3 70kg

1 Arm knee curl (Curl like arnold did)
10x3 12.5kg

Trap Bar Pause
1 60kg 1 min



Lying Rear Delt Flys
8x5 7.5kg

Sumo Deadlift
8x3 100kg

Zercher Squat
10x2 60kg

Pull up

Pin Press
5x5 75kg

1 Arm Knee Curl
5x3 17.5kg

Didn’t do as much today as my girlfriend just started and I was showing her how to do things, It will help me get that last rep in though