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New Bulking Cycle

Hi everyone
Need your opinions about thus cycle
That my coach telling me to go on for 12 week
I see it’s over loaded but let me see ur opinions
Firstly im 180c 90k 16bf
Wanna gain muscle but look hard at the same time

Hooboy. Your coach doesn’t care if you have a stroke, does he?

Let’s tick off all the ways that this a bad idea.

Tren and deca together. Two 19-nors at once. RIP dopamine.

Tren, EQ, and anadrol together. RIP your BP.

EQ raises RBC and HCT. Anadrol is used to treat anemia. So you may end up with some killer gains and get blood that’s the same viscosity as pancake batter. That’s healthy.

Anadrol can cause its own version of mystery gyno, possibly progesterone related. And hey, deca and tren are both progesterone related drugs. So invest in one of those milking machines they use for cows (or goats, or really anything with nipples I guess).

But other than the gyno, lactating, skyhigh BP, dopamine raping, and thicker blood this looks good to go.


I would not think of using that cycle. My health is too important to me.

Did he just throw a bunch of shit on a spreadsheet to see what sticks?

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Couldn’t he at least take the time to arrange the days of the week in the proper order FFS.

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No man, that’s a whole new bro-split program where you actually lift so hard on Monday that you change the order of the calendar. It’s called the Gregorian Push/Pull.


Man I love the way you word things iron! Haha

That must explain why I’m not getting those sick gainz!

This just made my day thanks

Thanks everyone for his advice :smile::smile:

But any other advice
That how can i run a bulking cycle with the stacks i’ve from the last cycle

sorry for my English :blush:

Don’t forget his dick isn’t going to work either

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For real though… what’s your cycle history. Before I consider bulking at all I’d cut to at least 12%. You’ll be more likely to have more of the gains be muscle.

You definitely don’t want to take anadrol for all twelve weeks. Run that dose for four to six weeks

Don’t run it at all with this cycle. And if you don’t listen to that advice I wouldn’t even run it 4-6. 6 weeks is a long time to run anadrol. Iv never ran it but if I did I would be hesitant to run it past 3 that’s if my body could even tolerate it that long