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New Bulking Cycle


hey guys this is gonna be my 4th cycle 5'9 190 pounds 8% bodyfat 23 years old.

sustanon 300 mg weeks 1-10 (frontload?)
tren ace 350 mg/week 1-8
dbol 40 mg/day weeks

Armidex on hand as well. Is it neccesary for me to have caber?

HCG starting 3rd week 500 iu 2 times a week

pct: nolva 40/40/20/20

please look at my cycle and see everything is where it should be.

im planing to do a bulk this winter with this cycle, gonna be taking in tons of calories and macro nutrients. I also want to improve in strength in my lifts, tren and dbol would help me with that.






I would run the sus at 500 mg a week minimum, 300 seems a bit on the lower side. Run the dbol for 6 weeks max. Eat you face off! I ran a sus only cycle at 750 mg for my first cycle and gained 25 lbs in 6 weeks and kept it all :slightly_smiling:


i disagrree Superhuman. sus at 300 is fine with tren. theres a bunch of threads on here with even lower doses around the HRT dose.


yea i just dont want too much water retention


probly gonna bump dbol up to 50 mg


I would say go for it. I think it is possible to gain good with this cycle. It all about the diet!


if diet is spot on how much does one typically gain with this cycle?


doses seem on the low side for what I would do. I also have close to 50 pounds on you though so would need a little more.


I assume you will be doing ED injections?

Also, I personally prefer drol over dbol, especially for strength. And I don't bloat as much on drol either. I gain about 75% of the weight that I do on dbol, but look much less bloated.


Out of curiosity, do you mean mdrol or anadrol?


thanks for the advice bigswatta i might switch out the dbol to anadrol if it gives better strength and less bloat, however this is going to be my first time using dbol and have heard good things about it, wanted to see how it would work with my body.


and yes ed injections for the tren a