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New Bulking Cycle Ideas?


I wanna see what you guys think of an idea of my simple bulking cycle.

Im 25, 190lbs and 5'7. BF is at 11%. i am currently on my PCT using 100mg clomed a day.

last cycle was. week1-4 30mg dbol E/day.
week4-8 Abomb 50mg E/day
week1-10 Test E 500mg E/week
week8-12 clomed 100mg E/day, still currently on PCT

I saw good results from this cycle, my weight went up to peak at 205 and now i am very stable. diet is always good on my part but i need some help with some more mainstream bulking cycle advice.

I have no problem pinning or orals so shoot away.

i have been looking at Sustamed, Winstrol and dbol for a cycle but im not 100% on the idea. Do these work together well or should i replace one or two with something else??

if you can,please give me rundown on what you guys would run in a sense of how much to take perday, how often and how long. thanks a bunch guys


^Is this a typo? It should be:

last cycle was. week1-4 30mg dbol E/day.
week4-8 Abomb 50mg E/day
week1-10 Test E 500mg E/week
week12-16 clomed 100mg E/day, still currently on PCT


Dbol and winstrol together? I would say definitely not.


On the current PCT, I'd back to the Clomid down to 50 mg. There is no advantage to using 100 mg/day vs 50 mg/day.


Ya sorry for the typo. Do you think DECA would stack better? Also how long can sust cycles last and have you used it with test after or before?


I would only do Deca if there's a joint issue which you know is helped by it, or you really want to see if there is such an effect for you. For that use, I would use no more than 100 mg/week and more preferably 50-80 mg/week.

Deca tends strongly to make recoveries slower and/or be depressive and/or impair libido at doses that are high enough to be anabolically useful.

Some "cycles" never end, so I guess there's no limit short of lifespan. But I know that's not what you meant. In terms of cycle length, basically at the 8 week point cycle recovery is almost always pretty fast, 10 weeks still generally fast, 12 weeks usually pretty reasonable, but past 12 weeks there's higher and higher incidence of slow recovery.

Besides this, the sooner you're off, the sooner you can be on again, as fewer off weeks are needed, as well.


Last time, i ran a 16 weeks cycle. For injection it contains sust300 1ml ew, cut mix (test p dromo tren 50mg each per ml) 2ml eod, eq 200mg ew, hgh and insulin 5iu post workout. For oral i ran m-tren 2mg in the first 4 weeks and last 4 weeks, anavar 30mg in the middle

I gained 17kg In 16 weeks, bodyweight from 85kg to 102kg


Well I'm definitely set on doing sust for 12 weeks and using dbol but I need to stack it with something. Maybe I'll just do abombs for 4 weeks and then change over to dbol.