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New Buckcherry Album


I just have to say, I just bought the new Buckcherry album on I-Tunes and have a new favorite song, subtely titled "Crazy Bitch." The lyrics are artfully to-the-point and oh so not-subtle. :slight_smile: Faaaaan-tastic! It's quite the rockin' tune, as is most of the album.

TC, you need to nominate this one for T-Song of the Month, or something!

Highly recommended. :wink:


It's one of the best rock n'roll songs of the last ten years.

Every fan of Rock should support this band- they're fucking awesome.


Yup, thank God for them and Velvet Revolver (with a nod to Audioslave, too). Very few bands are still putting out rock-n-fuckin'-roll anymore. :wink:


Queens Of The Stone Age?


I actually don't really know their stuff. I'll have to check 'em out.

"Hey! You're a crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it! When I dream, I'm doin' you all night. Scratches all down by back . . . !"

Sorry, sorry! Just singin' my new favorite song again. :wink:


Love that new Buckcherry song, but will now think about getting the album.

Anyone else pick up Wolfmother? Curious to hear some thoughts from y'all on that one (since I kind of dig it).


What's wrong with Godsmack or Rammstein?

I didn't know Buckcherry had a new album out. I'll have to look for it.

Have you noticed that the name buckcherry is "Chuck Berry" reversed?


Amen to that, and there last big hit "Cocaine" was an ever BETTER song. If this was the 80's, these guys would be selling 10 million records and be the most popular thing going right now. Commercially, its hard for a rock band to get any success nowadays.


They got the name buckcherry from a transvestite who came to one of there shows, and he/she had dark cherry lipstick on, hence the name "Buck-cherry"


The only Rammstein song I know is "Du Hast," which certainly rocks. I'll have to check out their other stuff.

Godsmack . . . Everyone keeps saying how much they like them, and I've tried and tried, but I just can't get into them. I don't know -- maybe a little too industrial/non-melodic for me.


By the way, does anyone happen to know when the new Velvet Revolver album is coming out? I'm definately looking forward to that one. I saw them live a year ago and they fucking RAAAWKED!!!



Cool, thanks!


Their in the studio right now as we speak. The album will drop this fall. Its titled "Libertad". They are my favorite band as well, and IMO Scott Weildand is the best frontman in the world today(thats him in my aviator)


Yup, there's nuthin' quite like some good ole' fashioned, testosterone-driven, debauchery-laden rock'n'roll -- the way it should be! :slight_smile:


The song is great but the video is better. My condolences that it took this long for you to discover the song however...


Yeah, I know. I haven't been on top of things lately. I'll have to check out the video.


Saw Buckcherry last night at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Fucking smoking...one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

What a loud, badass, fucked up band. Awesome.