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New Boy


Hi All,

As is customary, here is my introductory post.
I've been lurking on here for a few months, pretty much since I started lifting (Which was back in June)

I figured I had a choice. I could come and hang out with the grown ups, being 36 and all, or go to the beginners forum and lose the will to live!

Anyway, on with the story. Back in February I realised that having stopped playing Rugby, i Had got very fat. I went on a diet. Nothing extreme, just stopped drinking, and eating rubbish. I bought myself a gym membership, and was told to go and get my fat ass on the treadmill and stay there.

After a few months, I had dropped from 275 to 250, still overweight, but I could at least bend down and tie my shoelaces without needing a break between shoes.

I'd been on that treadmill for what felt like months, and was bored. I realised that the weights room looked like more fun, and waddled my way over there. After much reading of this site I happened across WS4SB and started running that.

That was in June. Now i've gained back 15 pounds, but kept the fat I lost off. I'm really enjoying lifting, and have enjoyed reading the over 35 forum, so figured it was time I joined in. (I figured you needed a fat, weak kid in the group).

As of this week here are my best lifts:
Bench Press: 264x3
Close Grip BP: 252x3
Bent Rows: 209x12
Squats: 308x5
Good Mornings: 209x6
Standing Miilitary press: 143x7

I realise these lifts are low compared to a lot of you, but I'm looking forward to learning from all of you.

I'll also be posting my log in here from Saturday when I train again.



Welcome! Congrats on getting yourself together and making the change.

Those lifts are strong, especially for someone just starting out. Keep up the good work.




Welcome, and those lifts aren't weak at all for someone who just started.


Welcome, looks like a good foundation to start with. No low at all.


What the others have said. Welcome. And those lifts are far from weak.
Keep after it.




Don't worry about your numbers if you're starting out. Focus on your form and the numbers will come. If you master decent form at the beginning and with light weights, it will stave off injuries in the long run.



Thanks for the welcome guys. Looking forward to joining the party.


Glad you are Here! Looks like you got a great start!


Fat, weak kid! Yah, baby huey! Awesome lifts. Hate to break it to you, but we'll be expecting big things from you! Welcome home big guy!


Welcome Staffy.

Where abouts in England are you?


Hi Brett,
Luton, just north of London.

Well, This is'nt really the way I wanted to start my training log, but I hav'nt managed to train this weekend. I managed to injure myself helping a friend move house.

A Wardrobe that we got into the van quite easily, then decided to fall over.
I tried to stop it by catching it as it fell. I caught it, but felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder.

After that, there was no pain. I have full mobility, and no sign of weakness.

Anyway, off I went to the gym, for my max effort upper body day. Could'nt Bench, Could'nt Row, could'nt even do curls!

I get pain with any type of load, I feel it in the bones at the top of my shoulder. The part at the tip of my clavicle feels really 'bruised' and sore.

So, I'll keep an eye on it, and do Legs tommorrow as planned, and can then sart logging some training.


most of my major injuries have occurred from yard work, house work, or moving someone. I try to avoid those activities these days..

like the Staffordshire in the pic, have a few as friends, if that makes sense.


Welcome aboard


Hi Pete,

The staffy in the pic is mine. That was taken when he was about 6 months. He's nearly 2 now, and an utter deliquent!


Well, legs today. Did'nt go great, I have to admit. This was the first week I hav'nt been able to add reps or weight to my squat since I started in June.

302.5x2 (Video)
Everything felt heavy, and I had no power out of the hole. Last week I was getting 5 with 297 easily, and did 309 for 5. This week it just was'nt there. I was pissed off that I had'nt set a weight or rep PR, so thats why I did the 'punishment set' with 220 at the end. You'll see from the videos that everything was a grind, and technique fell apart. My knees were all over the place, and I just could'nt stay tight.

Walking Lunges:
50lb DB's: 10,10,5 on each leg.
This was at least a 4 rep PR across the 3 sets. The last set, I had nothing left.

I normally do Good Mornings, but my back was feeling sore, so I did a couple of sets of RDL's, but they pulled too much on my injured shoulder.

Standing crunches:

Edit: for some reason the video did'nt show take a look here:


And heres the 220x13


Rep Upper Day

Shoulder is still sore, and I still cant bench, so changed things around a bit. Weirdly, overhead pressing does'nt hurt atall!

Narrow Neutral grip Pulldowns: The stack is only marked with numbers not weight.
Block 11x13,10,9

Miltary Press:

Straight Arm Pulldowns:

Rope pushdowns:

Felt good tonight. I'm full of energy. I guess thats what happens when you cant bench or row.
Had an entertaining conversation with one of the instructors. She teaches classes mostly.
I was between sets of military presses (Remember the bar is weighing a huge 143lbs). She comes up to me and asks:'so you're doing squats tonight then?'
Me:'No, overhead presses actually.'
Her:'Really? thats really heavy!'

I did have a little chuckle to myself.


You folks who squat without safeties are brave, I say. Have you ever tried pointing your toes out a bit more when you squat?

Regarding the shoulder, sounds like a strain or bruise. Let's hope it's nothing more than that, at least. But if you can OHP and rotate your shoulder to hold the bar to squat, perhaps it's only minor.