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New book

Just to let you know that after further consideration I decided to put my newest book “Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods” to print.

However it will be an augmented edition, including 4 new chapters:

  • Training the nervous system optimally
  • Training tools: The weight releasers
  • Training tools: Bands and chains
  • Training tools: other useful apparatus

I will also almost double the exercise section, going from 32 to 60 power exercises.

Thib, when and where I’m there?

Any Idea of a release date yet?

I am curious when this will be available.

I would be very interseted to know when because I have just recently purchased the Black Book. Speaking of which I am wondering on the OVT program where could I incorporate oylmpic lifts and which ones along with sets and reps. Thanks

Dunno exactly when itwill be available. Depends on my schedule.

As for OVT + olympic lifts… The OVT program is NOT a sport performance or power program but a bodybuilding program. Trying to accomplish too much with a program can only lead to burn out and overtraining.

The olympic lifts are extremely demanding on the nervous system while the OVT program is demanding on the muscle structures. Ideally a program would be high demands in one aspect but low in the other. Read my latest articles series on Pendulum training for an idea how to combine different types of training.

If you absolutely MUST do the olympic lifts I suggest dropping the OVT leg day completely and doing an olympic lifting day instead. Using the back squat, power clean and power snatch only (no supersetting).

I really don’t like that option all that much, but it’s the only way that adding in the olympic lifts to OVT will not have too much negative repercussions.

Thanks Christian. Should I do 5x5 with the Olympic lifts and no supersetting

As I said you SHOULDN’T do the olympic lifts while doing OVT.

I love the OL and I use them in the training of my athletes, but really, they are no magical exercises and they are NOT suited for all goals and programs.

In the case of OVT I would strongly advise you not to perform the olympic lifts at the same time.

Why are you training anyway? Is it size? Strength? Power? Performance for sport? Pick one goal and stick with it. Training for too many things will lead to frustration and overtraining, then it will give me a bad name for recommanding the program.

Peoples are WAY too hypnothized by OVT!!! When I first wrote the program it wasn’t meant to be the by-all end-all of hypertrophy programs! It’s only a short term program to give a spark to your gains. It absolutely CANNOT be performed for long periods of time (no more than 4 straight weeks) without risking overtraining.

Honestly I firmly believe that my pendulum approach is much superior to OVT for long term progress. Heck one can even include OVT in a pendulum as an hypertrophy week.

If you absolutely want to perform the OL (first ask yourself why you want to do them? Because you’ll look cool? Because their “in” right now? Because you’ll look impressive doing them? or because you want to improve performance?) A better idea would be to use the pendulum approach combining OVT, olympic lifting and basic strength training.

Week 1: OVT (structural)
Week 2: Powerlifting-type training (functional strength)
Week 3: olympic lifting (functional speed-strength)
Week 4: Powerlifting-type training (functional strength)
Week 5: OVT (structural)

This is only a possible suggestion, many more option exist!

Many peoples want it all at the same time… They want to be powerful and strong, but also muscular and ripped. So they reason that by using a good hypertrophy program (OVT) along with elements of a good performance program (OL) they will get the best of both world. IT ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. In fact, one method might very well negate the effects of the other one, or at least limit your rate of progress.

Will guys who’ve already bought your book be able to buy the new one at a discount or get the new chapters some other way?

narked, I don’t know … that would be a good idea however that would be hard to control.

I guess the only reason I asked about the olympic lifts is because I have done them for a couple of years and I really enjoy them Right now I am really looking to add some more mass to my frame. I am around 210 with 8-10% body fat

Christian do you do any consultation work and what City are you based out of.

I’m glad CT posted that answer to Deshawn’s question. I completely agree with CT on the points he made. I see far too many people “attempting” to do the oly lifts, when really they shouldn’t. This is a sport, just like any other Olympic sport. It takes years of dedication and good coaching in order to perform correctly. I cringe when I watch the football players from the local university do their oly lifts! When I first decided to learn the oly lifts properly I contacted a National coach who lives in my city. He led me to a qualified coach who taught me the proper techniques. This is invaluable as I had read countless books on the lifts and yet I was way off. Point here-take some of the money you were going to spend on supplements and put it towards some sessions with a qualified lifting coach instead, you won’t regret it. I know many people look at the photos of CT after his transformation and jump on the oly lifting bandwagon thinking the same transformation will happen to them. Remember, CT is a competetive oly lifter(or at least he was). He does the lifts because it is his sport, not because it will give him an aesthetically pleasing physique. This is why he cut back on the oly lifts when he made his now-famous transformation. You wouldn’t use a Formula 1 racecar to race on an off-road dirt track. Use the proper tools for the project you are working on.

Thanks loopfit. As with you I have had coaching and traing by a weightlifting coach so I am competent in doing the olympic lifts.

CT, I hate to be a complainer, but is there any way the new chapters can be made available to those who have already purchased the e-book? I’d really like to see what you have to about band work.

Perhaps, you could make them available through our accounts on CharlieFrancis.com If not, it’s alright. I’d just really like to see the new material without having to buy the print as well.

Christian do you do any consultation work and what City are you based out of.

I do work directly with several athletes and also do online consultations/program design/follow up.

However I only take in a limited number of clients. Taking too many at any given time (as I did in the past) is too time consuming for me, and it reduces the quality of my services.

Right now I’m booked solid. But things do change quickly.

Is this in print yet?

CT, just drop us a line over here when the book is ready. Loved the Black Book Of Training Secrets. Can’t wait for this.

I’m currently doing pendulum bodybuilding and loving/hating it so far. The structural 1 weeks are brutal. I broke down into tears on leg day. Fucking brutal.

When doing this program after the 5 weeks should I have an unloading week and then repeat or can I use the functional week as a bridge.


Wk6:(Func or unloading week)

Wk7: REPEAT with Week 1

My goal is mass, another 10-20 at the end of the 10 weeks. I’ll be using a double dose of Mag10 on Str1 weeks, single dosing on Str2 weeks, and double dosing of Tribex on functional weeks as per your reccommendation.

CT looks like your new book is going to be another hit. At least on t-mag. I hope you have the book ready for August seminar with Mike in NYC. Look foward in meeting you then.

In Health,

Silas C.

loop, i dont think that was his point.
the O lifts are neurally demanding which is not condusive to the type of training involved in OVT.
I do however agree that alot of people should really get some instruction on these lifts if they are to try them (shit i know trainers who prescribe them but cant do them.)