New Book


Any plans to release your new book in paper format??

(my computer is pre-historic - I do not think it could cope with an ebook).


Yes, but not at the present time. The plan is to release the pdf version now, and in 6-8 monhts release a second edition in paper format with 1-3 new chapters.

Hey, what am I missing? What new book? I got your little black book and loved it. You have something else now?

I’m sorry, but I swear I’ve done a search, I’ve searced google, I’ve read as many of posts as I can, and I still can’t figure out if this book is released or not?

There are some posts stating that we should expect the book in early November, then late November, could someone please straighten me out?

Is the PDF version of the book available now? If not, when will it be?


good question
I’ve had the funds aside for a couple of months. My exercise phys teacher is waiting for the release too. BTW, CT my Exer phys prof liked you black book a lot (I let him borrow my copy). He’s a tough prof so that’s a good compliment.

Well the new book (which is called Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods) will only be available as a pdf book for now. It is completed. I’m still waiting to see if Biotest can distribute a pdf book. It should also be available shortly at

The methods they use at dragoondoor are pretty good…you cant use the ebook on another pc basically