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New Book with All the Great's Routines in It?


Hey folks quick question: I think I remember reading about a new book coming out that had all the great bodybuilders routines in them. I thought it would be a fun read. However, I cant remember the name of the book.

Can anyone help?




Is it just me or will that probably be an incredibly repetitive read? Each pro is going to have some unique twists on things, but for the most part, the routines are going to be all pretty straight forward.


Sounds like a fun book to me.

There's a blog called "The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban" (weird title I know...I still don't get it) that is a blog about old school BB and powerlifting and strength sports in general and that frequently has old routines posted.



awesome blog (tight tan slacks)


also full of older time stuff, seems to have discontinued