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New Book/Video

When will your new book and video be available? And where can I get it? Also I have been training for about two years but consider myself somewhat of a newbie because I have been training for about 8 months in an informed, smart, manner so is your new book for someone like me or a more advanced trainee/lifter? Or should I check out your Black Book? My primary goal right now is building strengh and increasing my lifts. Thanks for your time.

The new book is more advanced, not so much in the methods presented (it has all types of methods) but in the depth of info given. It is geared mostly towards strength and power gains (even if there is a lot of info on building muscle mass). I’d say that if function is more important than structure to you it might be the best option.

However I feel that the Black Book is more accessible to the general public, the info is easier to understand, albeit not presented with as much depth. The black book has more specific programs, but the new book will have more methods presented and more exercises described. Both are very good though :wink: