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New Book Update


Any updates when the new books is coming out?


Book is being formatted now - I also ended up cutting a shit ton of pages so it’s around 275. As for when it’ll be released, it depends on how long it takes to get formatting done. We have the cover done so all we have to do is get them printed off and made available.


Hey Jim,

Any idea who will be selling it yet?



It will be for sale on my website (physical copy) and eventually Amazon (physical and eventually Kindle). There will be no standard “ebook” available.

Will 5/3/1 Forever Come to Kindle?

Can’t wait! Even if the new book is half as good as any of the first books and it would still be great! Thanks for all the work, it helped me so much! Any signed copies for burn out fans like me?


This book is in another league versus the other work; its not even close. As for signed copies, I’m not sure how that will happen. We had something like 10,000 people sign up in first 24 hours on our website for information about the book. So we aren’t sure how we are going to handle the volume; and honestly, that is my wife’s big problem. I’m just the “talent”; she does all the hard work.


Looking forward to the book Jim. Big fan of your content and authorship.


Jim, regarding the Kindle version, when you say “eventually” do you mean “in a few months” or “almost right away after the book is out”? I’m wondering because for those of us who live overseas it may take a bit (weeks? a month?) for the physical copy to arrive, in which case if the Kindle is coming out soon enough I’d just wait for that.


Seconded the above. Also, is the kindle version specifically for kindle, or will there be a plain PDF file that can be bought and read at the PC? I suck at technology and I have no clue.
Also, are other books requires (other than the basic 5/3/1) to understand the new one?


Hopefully 10 years or more - but I’m sure my wife will do it within a year or so.


There will be no ebook.


Damn, you really don’t like ebooks.


Something about having a tangible copy makes it mean a lot more. Later on down the road, you can look back on where you gained your training knowledge, look back on which programs you used to become a stronger individual. You can’t get that effect with the eBook, IMO.


this will be the most popular programming book to come out in YEARS you put that in an ebook and half assed copies will be all over the Internet. knowledge from this book should disseminated 3 ways:
By the book itself;
By people training with the person who purchased the book itself and fully understands the program; or
disciples of Jim wendler who were trained by him personally. I’m telling you right now it will be no different then all the coaches who trained under Bill Starr with the high school kids he’s training right now.


I disagree, it means the same to me whether it is a physical copy or not. I’ll train as hard and follow his principles the same. I’d just rather an eBook for a number of reasons: more comfortable to read -for me at least-, typically cheaper (since it doesn’t have a printing cost) and I’d get it faster (since I live in Europe, it’ll probably take much longer for me to be able to read it than someone in Ohio).

I mean, a whole lot of people -like myself- from outside the US would gladly pay full price for the Kindle version just to have it as soon as the book is out instead of having to wait weeks for the ships/planes to bring it here. Jim would also get more $, since Amazon doesn’t get that big of a cut.

All that said, I respect Jim’s decision because it is his damn book and he can do whatever the hell he wants, though.

PS: If the reason to not have an eBook is to avoid piracy, that’s a lost battle; I guarantee that someone is going to scan every single fucking page of the book and put it out there pretty soon after it is out.


There’s been a big problem with piracy and Jim’s work before. They’re still offering the kindle version, just not a true e-book via other channels the way I understand it a few months ago.


The kindle version needs a kindle reader only to be opened, right? There isn’t some kind of kindle emulator for PC or such thing?


Amazon has a Kindle PC app.


Oh, awesome, definitely going for that one then


Heads up for those interested, the new book can be pre-ordered today.