New Book Reviews

If anyone has read the following, what were your impressions?

  1. A Chance to Win: A Complete Guide to Physical Training for Football

  2. The Path to Athletic Power

  3. Science and Practice of Strength Training (outdated or redundant with Supertraining?)


I read, and re-read the “Science and Practice” often. In my opinion, it is the greatest WL book ever written. Supertraining is great too, but I think they are different. Honestly, I think both books should be the main Texts of any Exercise science student or anyone getting certified. Burn the NSCA CSCS manual and read these two books.


FYI, I’d hold off on buying the Science and Practice text for now, as they’re coming out with an updated edition this fall (I believe that’s when it’ll go in print).

Dr. Kraemer contributed a lot on exercise endocrinology in this version.

Hi Guys,

I am currently reading Science and Practice through for the third time and each time I re-read it I find new pearls of wisdom.

I think it is a great text and that Supertraining is even more comprehensive. The two texts compliment each other very well and I agree with CoachMorris that they should be REQUIRED texts for personal trainers, strength coaches, and anyone who really wants to undertstand the complexities of training with a specific outcome.

To add to this list, CT’s new book “Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods” is a great read. CT has done a great job applying the information from both texts (and he makes it very understandable for evryone!).

I am also a big fan of Thomas Kurz’s “Science of Sports Training.” It contains a lot of quality information and well worth the read.

I like Thomas Kurz’s book too.

I liked Science and practice more than supertraining

CT’s new book is awesome

BTW, Joe Kenns book is one of the best. The tier system is awesome. A definite must have. Plus it won’t break the bank.

One more thing,
I read that Zatsiorsky’s new book is designed to complement science and practice, not replace it. so the two should go together

The Science and Practice of Strength Training is not outdated in fact I agree with the west side boy?s in that it is a better book then supertraining. The fact that I?m now taking summer classes under the author of the said book makes me a little bias.

Does anyone know some good books about latic acid threshold training and other methods of conditioning?

Science and Practice is great/ Supertraining is very good but very hard to apply to your own training.
Poliquins book MODERN TRENDS IS STRENGTH TRAINING is very easy to apply to your training. However this book is very thin and not nearly as comprehensive as the others.

ANABOLICS 2004 is worth the money as is BUILDING THE PERFECT BEAST.


A second edition of The Science and Practice? That makes sense, because the first edition just had a price drop of about 40%.

EC, who’s that Kraemer guy you mentioned? :wink:

JA, you could check out “Lactate Threshold Training” by HK. I have no idea what it’s like…

Great suggestions guys.


I’m also very interested in lactate threshold training and am interested in finding a good text on the subject. Unfortunately the book entitled “Lactate Threshold Training” received very poor reviews on amazon. Any other suggestions?

Damn, I just bought Science and Practice >:(

Science and Practice is not outdated. I love reading that book and learn more every time I do. A chance to win is not the best book but if you want to see a lot of programs all written out for you it may be good.