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New Book, New 2x2x2?


Hi Jim

I followed 5/3/1 for about 8 months until the end of last year when I managed to crack a rib, then after getting over that I contracted flu followed by pneumonia, then after getting over that a cold like virus. Needless to say this year has been a bit of a write off so far and I have lost many of the strength gains that I made last year.

That said I am back training again and loving it.

The 5/3/1 mentality really appeals to me and Id like to say a massive thankyou for sharing it with the world.

I switched to the 2x2x2 format, mainly because I wanted to add in things like cycling, running and swimming and at 38 years of age I just dont have the time to spend more than an hour or so a day training.

I have heard that your new book is nearing completion and wondered if you had added much to the 2x2x2 type of training, the essence being applying 5/3/1 to lifting only 2 days a week whilst performing cardio on other days. For the mobility work I have substituted in a basic yoga routine and I am actually seeing flexibility improvements there too.

I am now on cycle 2 of my new 2x2x2 program and Im enjoying the lifting a lot and feel the added rest does me a lot of good. There is always that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that says Im not doing enough lifting to make much in the way of gains, time will tell on that.

So I guess what im asking is have you had any more thoughts on how weight training twice a week should be done and if so will there be much about it in the new book?

Thanks once again for all the help that your books and articles have had on my training.


Just finished 2x2x2 leader and anchor and all the jumps, throws, conditioning, main work, supplemental and assistance work last week.


That sounds awesome,I cant wait to read it when it comes out.