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New Book, Every Week Is 3 Sets of 5 Now?


I received my new book 531 Forever today. What happened to the 5/3/1 rep scheme? Every week is sets of 5 now? Is that correct or a huge mistake?

Page 48
Week 1 = 70%x5, 80%x5, 90%x5
Week 2 = 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5
Week 3 = 75%x5, 85%x5, 95%x5

Is this right? Most of the templates are like this.
FSL on page 58 looks correct, then it’s back to 555 on page 64.

It seems like a huge problem through the whole book.


That’s 5s progression. Jim talked about it in Beyond 5/3/1. Seems effective enough.


5s PRO for everything?. The main 5/3/1 lifts are all sets of 5 now in most of the templates.


5s Pro can also be used with the main lifts. Check page 50 of Beyond 5/3/1. Second paragraph.


I just looked at Beyond. So most templates in Forever are 5s PRO now? Seems wrong to me. Why not name the book 5/5/5 Forever?


5/3/1 is more than just a set and rep scheme. Jim’s talked about this a lot in his writings.

Do you feel that 5s pro won’t be effective?


Did you read the new book yet? Nearly everything is 5s PRO now.

I “feel” that anything will be effective if you stick with it. Lol.


I’m getting it in 2 days.

I guess I’m just trying to understand the hang up with everything using 5s pro.


Just surprised to see 5s PRO so much instead of 5/3/1. That’s all. 5s PRO was just a small section in Beyond. Now it’s through the whole book. It’s weird seeing so many templates with sets of 5 for Week 1, 2, and 3.


I wouldn’t be too surprised, he’s been advocating 2 cycles of 5s Pro and 1 cycle of 5/3/1 on this forum for ever now.


Is it just me or does the new book not actually say what 5’s pro is?

The leader/anchor thing explains why its used though, 5’s pro is the simplest scheme that gets you more volume and not too light like FSL, so if your not doing a PR set or lighter weight for more reps then 5’s pro makes the most sense. Probably a lot of similar things that could work but it would just complicate things way more than it needs to be.


Jim wrote the original 5/3/1 at least a decade ago, and maybe “decades” ago. That means a lot of time has passed and he has had a lot of time to put other ideas in place and test them against his old ideas.

Like any good coach he is constantly evaluating the system he uses, and if indeed 5’s PRO is the new “default” way he chooses to run the work sets for the main lifts that means that he has found that it is more effective than the old way for whatever reason (Probably because it makes people use the right weight)

What this doesn’t mean is that the original 5/3/1 doesn’t work anymore. If you are seeing results with it, by all means stick with it.


Reread the book, and then reread it again. Understand leaders and anchors and why 5’s PRO is used (and if you dislike them, there are many programs with PR-sets included in both leaders and anchor).


Its called 5’s PRO - its not a huge mistake. It is explained in the book.

This book is about PROGRAMMING - total programming. Understanding the BIG PICTURE and how it is done.


It is explained.


Also, and this is pretty clear in the book, “5/3/1” is and always was based on PRINCIPLES. This is pounded into each book, and obviously the new one. Programming isn’t just throwing stuff together on a white board in the morning or in a week or just spitballing some stuff together.

There is a whole section of the book for the Original 5/3/1 program and how to program that into a total programming idea.

Please give it some time - once you understand the concepts, it is easy. But it seems like a lot of knee-jerk reactions as Im assuming you haven’t ran any of the programs just yet.


5/3/1 is more than a rep scheme. It’s more like a brand and quite possibly a small cult following.

When you hear 5/3/1 you know it’s Jim Wendler. You know it’s a pursuit of strength. And you know it’s worked for thousands of people.


Received the book yesterday. It is pretty interesting to see the evolution of Jim’s programming. 5’s Pro is prominent, but there is plenty of 5/3/1.

Great book. Thank you for the effort that you put into it’s creation.


Just about every single PROGRAM in the book has “5/3/1 PR sets” in it. I just think the above people didn’t read the book thoroughly. That’s fine as I expect there to be questions.

The evolution of any person in a given field is inevitable - everyone of us does so in their career/hobbies on a daily (albeit micro) basis. I appreciate the comments about the effort and time it took to try them/tweak them and figure shit out.


Laughed pretty hard when I saw this thread because Jim specifically said all questions would be answered in the new book. The first guy to receive the book, posts a question immediately. :joy: