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New Book, Combination Lifts on Full Body?

Alright jimbo and lads. Ive got your new book and i like the idea of the combination Template to use different supplemental sets/reps for each lift. Im wondering if its ok to do this for full body templates? for instance

squat 5x5/3/1
Press Widowmaker


Dead 5spro, 5x5 fsl
Bench 5x5/3/1

Squat Widowmaker
Press BBS

Naturally, Throws, Stretching, jumps and conditioning are in there. Hoping im on the right track

Thanks for the new book

I really don’t think a widowmaker at FSL would really make sense by itself like that. Did you see the templates under “5/3/1 and Widowmakers?” There’s a few there that are sort of full body-ish but seem more sensible. Looks like they could be leaders or anchors depending on what they’re paired with also.

No of coarse. I mean as written in his new book, week one for example. 65%/75%/85%/Widowmaker@65%

Ok, now it makes sense but sounds a little brutal. I think I would need a TM of 50% to recover from this. I also really can’t see reading the Forever book and then coming up with something not in the book to do (there’s seriously got to be like 300 variations in there) but to each their own. If you go for this good luck and let us know how it works out.

I’m not sure I would really try to combine these as the intensity level for each lift on a template is planned well. For example if one of the full body ones has the 2nd lift as 5x5 FSL you probably shouldn’t go replace that with 5x5/3/1 as its harder difficulty.

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Check out Building the Monolith on Jim’s blog. It’s exactly what you’re looking for, cept it’s an all in one program. It literally has everything you’ve laid out, with more structure.