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Just to let you guys know that my new .pdf book is available for purchase right now at www.charliefrancis.com

The complete scientific basis behind high performance training! Over 30 different training methods and applications, high-powered unorthodox exercises, benefits of EMS training, a revolutionary stretching method, how to plan an integrated training program and much more. A must for any open-minded and innovative strength coach.

CT, What type of people would you recommend for each book?

Is one book more directed towards athletes participating in sports than the other?

I’d say that the second book is more “in-depth” in regard to both strength and power training methods. It is also a better tool for a strength coach or somebody wanting to learn how to plan athletic training. However the first book has more basic info, more stuff on building muscle mass and more programs.

Just to mention that there is no repeat material, and virtually no crossover between both books. So they complete each other well (yeah this is kinda like a sales pitch, but a guy gotta make a livin’!).

Part 1: The science of strength
(science behind eccentric training, concentric training, isometric training , KEAT training)

Part 2: Specific applications of the methods
(practical applications of eccentric methods, concentric methods, isometric methods, KEAT methods)

Part 3: The integrated training plan
(how to select the proper methods and periodize each specific type of training)

Part 4: Special topic: EMS for sports
(benefits and scientific basis of electromyostimulation)

Part 5: Explosive strength exercises
(30+ explosive exercises, what muscles they work and what capacities they develop)

Part 6: Women and strength training

Part 7: Eccentric Quasi-isometrics by Tony Schwartz
(stretching and strengthening with the revolutionary method!)

Part 8: Conclusion

Definitely interested in Chapters 3 (I never know when to use isometrics properly… I know Coach X at elitefts says beginning, but I also read using them at the end) and Chapter 5 (need… more… ways… to scare…).

Sounds great CT! keep up the great work

Mike Mahler

Hey CT,
can one purchase your first book off that site as well?

Tony G, yes but in pdf format only. The only place that will ever sale my hardcopy material is the biotest store.

Panda, isometrics can be used at various times in a workout. Some authorities use it in the end portion of a workout (Russian lifting coaches mostly) while others recommend using it at the begining of a workout (Mel Siff for example). From experience doing them first, or at least early in the workout it more effective: it can have a potentiating effect on the rest of your lifting performance.

Christian, I ordered it off Charlie’s website and still cannot download it. Do you know how long I can expect to wait for it to be ready. Looking forward to the read. Thanks.

Hey seb,

I’m in the same situation too. I am guess probably at least a day, as pay pal can be a bit slow at times (it’s the holiday season and so everyone’s spending money online too).

Thanks a lot for your answer about isometrics, Christian!

Christian, Will you be putting out a hard copy of your new book, and if so, when? I hope you are!!

I have it - its a good one!

This together with Science and practise of Strength training is a much more practical proposition than Supertraining.

Kinda puts all the stuff Jay Schreoder
uses into perspective.

prefer hardcopy though, as I like to read this stuff while I eat :slight_smile:
And printing out this many pages isn’t practical, plus it’s single sided too.

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Actually the profits from this pdf book will serve to produce a hardcopy version of the book as well as some other products.

Here are some of the productsI have in mind.

  • Training series (3 tapes/DVDs) taking an athlete from beginner to elite.

  • Seminar series

  • Body composition book

Hey Seb & Fat Panda

You got your e-books yet?


If it’s not coming, just email them at info@charliefrancis.com . I did that, and it cleared up within an hour. I think the system simply needs the occassional kick.

They told me that all purchases had been completed. Apparently there was a huge outburst of interest at first as well as some paypal problems which led to the delay.