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New Book and Programs: Lower Frequency?



Looking forward to buying your new book, one question- I was also gonna buy one of the programs on your site, at a quick glance it shows working each movement/body part once a week. This seems like a lot less frequency than you have been previously been pushing? Is there a reason?

Just asking as I have had such good results from your low volume, high frequency/intensity ideas that I want to be confident of a program before I purchase it.

Thanks CT


Each muscle does et worked fairly frequently and uses the low volume approach for hypertorphy. But the main strength lift is trained once a week using a periodized approach (much like my 915 program and Power look one, but with a difference progression model).

The strength one is my favorite and pretty much like I train myself (except that I start each workout with 3-4 work sets of an olympic lift). My book does have a training program that is an advanced version of my “Beat damn…” program though.


Great, thanks ct

New site looks great btw


Is the 4 day version included in the book as well or will it only be on T-Nation when the editors see fit?


I was wondering that as well. Can’t wait to try a different variation of the “Best Damn…” seeing great results with the current one and I am really liking the time its saving me.


CT are you referring to the program at the very end of the book Chapter 16 called HIT Routine 2: High Frequency HIT?


yes I am