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New Bodyfat Scale

There’s a new bodyfat scale, Tamota Ironman Segmental, that’s supposed to tell you what your visceral fat level is, and other BF readings.

I’m skeptical because they are probably just estimating it based on your weight age, height, etc.

What say you?

Weight watchers scales are way off. Mine will say 14% on empty stomach and up to 17 after breakfast. I stoped checking it with that haha I am going to looking in to this one. I will eventually get calipers when I am lean enough not to be shocked when I check it for real haha

All of those electrical scales are crap. Don’t waste your money. It will vary by a few % as the day goes on.

Get a tape measure.

Agreed with tape measure. Scales are way off, calipers are good if you use enough points and a good measurement taker but quite a bit of human error in it. Measurements are the way to go.

If you want a real BF test, go to a gym/college/somewhere that they offer underwater weighing/bod pod/calipers etc. They’ll usually take the average of the three and you get a pretty good estimate.